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This post will discuss John McAfee Net Worth 2022, his ex-wife, and much more information. Read to know more.

Are you familiar with the name John McAfee? Are you interested to know about him? People Worldwide want to know about him. Do you know what kind of profession he used to do?

Have you heard about when John McAfee died? Today in this article, we will discuss everything about him. Do you want to know about his family, way of living, and income sources? Let’s find out in John McAfee Net Worth 2022 post.

What is the net worth of John McAfee?

McAfee once had a value of $100 million before the 2008 recession struck, according to a New York Times article from August 2009. In the end, with the housing market’s collapse, his value was $4 million.

His primary residence in Woodland Park, Colorado, was once valued at over $25 million but was only sold in 2007 for a pittance of $5.72 million.

McAfee also claimed that $100 million might disappear quickly, but most people don’t experience this.

Who is John McAfee Wife?

According to a report, John McAfee and his wife Janice McAfee married in 2013. they met in 2012, and they eventually became friends. As per sources, in an interview, Janice admitted that during the early years of their marriage, she had to give “lawbreaker” information about McAfee. In the interview, Janice claimed that her lawbreaker connections drove her to divulge details about John’s location and instructed her to put toxin in his food. Janice also admitted that she initially withheld the situation from McAfee because she was too afraid to challenge the thieves.

Let’s see about John McAfee Ex Wife.

Who is John McAfee Ex-Wife?

As per sources, three times in his life, McAfee has been married.

One of his classmates was the subject of his first marriage, but there isn’t much known about it or who she was. The date of his second marriage to Judy McAfee is unclear. After they got married, Judy worked with him to establish his 1987-founded business. Judy is a yoga devotee and a former American Airlines flight attendant.

In 2002, the two were divorced.

More information on John McAfee:

Now you have learned about John McAfee Net Worth 2022.

As per sources, while awaiting extradition to the US on tax evasion accusations, McAfee was widely believed to have hung himself in a Spanish jail in June 2021. But according to Samantha Herrera, an ex-girlfriend from Belize, he faked his death. Also, the same is shown in Netflix’s documentary. However, there is no proof of this claim.

Note: All the information regarding wife/ex-wife statements and claims made here are based on online sources.


John McAfee was born on 18 September 1945. He was a 2-time presidential candidate of the United States who failed to win the Libertarian Party’s candidacy in 2016 and 2020. A documentary released on 24 August on his life is available on Netflix. Want to know more about John McAfee? Read here,.

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