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The below-given guide shares details about the Newprofilepicture com Android App to update the users. 

Do you want to give your profile picture a new dimension? Are you looking for the best application to enhance your profile pictures? The world is evolving rapidly, and why do you stay behind with the same old profile picture when you can give it a new dimension and enhance it with the help of an application. You can surprise your friends and followers with enhanced and ever-changing profile pictures. Worldwideusers are attracted to the Newprofilepicture com Android App.   

What is is a mobile application designed for worldwide Android users. The application is recently uploaded to the Play Store on the 6th of April 2022. The application uses advanced mechanisms based on Artificial Intelligence to enhance and beautify the pictures for your social media profiles. 

Linerock Investment LTD launched the application as a photography application for Android devices. However, the application is available under the name Newprofilepic, and there is no website. But, when you search for the application using the website, you are redirected to a dummy portal, So, stay alert while using it.

Are Newprofilepic App and New Profile the Same?

After evaluating both applications, we found that they are different. There are many reasons to consider them different from each other. Some of the basic worth mentioning pointers are:

  • The application Newprofilepic is recently launched for Android devices and is available on the Play Store
  • Linerock Investments Ltd launches the application, and it is a photography application for Android users. 
  • It has received a 4.9-Star rating out of 5 from the users. There are many reviews available from previous users. 
  • But, when you will search online using New Profile, you will be redirected to a dummy website.  
  • The application has no website, and you won’t find any portal to get the application other than Play Store.   

So, they are different as one is a mobile application for Android, and the other is a dummy website. 

What are the Customer Reviews?

After evaluating the mobile application, we found many reviews with a 4.9-star rating. The users share many reviews and feedback. You can read the reviews before getting the application on your device. The Newprofilepicture com Android App got mixed reviews from consumers.  

Besides, the app’s publisher is also very active in responding to the users’ feedback. The application has got mixed reviews from users. For negative reviews, the publisher has responded and urged them to contact them in private at their email ID. Rest all reviews positively favor the application, and you can have a look at the reviews before getting the application.    


Newprofilepicture App is a newly launched mobile application that can enhance and beautify your ordinary profile pictures. Check reviews here. However, some people are trying to get the APK of the application and searching for it on a website, i.e., Newprofilepicture com Android App. However, it is only available on Play Store, and there is no other source to get it. The website is a dummy portal. 

Are you using Newprofilepic? Please share your experiences in the comment section.

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