Lord Society Nft Scam (Feb 2022) What’s Happening Here?

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Did you hear or read about the Lord Society Nft Scam? Then, read this article and get all the information you need about this claimed scam.

If you are into NFT and cryptocurrency, then here is some important update about an NFT platform- Lord Society. 

It is all over the crypto news as some people have found some red flags about its website- lordsocietynft.com and its similarities to previous NFT Scams. 

Thus, whether you are from the United States or any other country and want to know further details about this new NFT project that caught people’s eyes, read about Lord Society Nft Scam, and beware of it.

What is NFT?

First of all, NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. The “non-fungible” part means that it is unique and cannot be replaced with anything else. 

What do we mean by irreplaceable? Unlike cryptocurrency, an NFT cannot be exchanged for another NFT because its values will not be the same. 

So, an NFT is nothing but a virtual asset that represents real-world original art forms like music, videos, digital art, in-game items and more. Continue reading to learn about Lord Society Nft Scam

What is Lordsocietynft.com?

Lordsocietynft.com is The Lord Society’s NFT platform. The Lord Society is a collection of over 7770 Lords NFTs in the Ethereum blockchain. 

Each lord piece is a unique 3D artwork that has over 150 traits. The entire roadmap is given on the website. In addition, one of the artists at The Lord Society, Josh Isaac D., is also mentioned on the website. However, there are no details about the owners or founders. 

The minting has started on the website, and it costs 0.2 ETH, excluding the gas fee. 

What is Lord Society Nft Scam About?

Some reddit users have come across the similarities between The Lord Society and the Mutant Human Club. And if you are not aware, a few weeks before, the Mutant Human Club was revealed to be a rug pull and scam. 

Both the websites’ layouts are similar. And as per some resources, both the domains were registered by the same person. 

The news is spreading like wildfire as NFT users are helping each other lookout for scams. 

People’s Views

Looking at reddit pages and different YouTube videos, people have become aware that Lord Society is a scam and will probably be a future rug pull. 

People have shared that Lord Society Nft Scam and other scams use social media platforms to gain attention from users who are new NFT and do not know about these scams. And then, the owners leave the platform after taking all the investor’s money. 

And clearly, Lord of Society has been boasting a lot on Instagram and Twitter despite its low followers. 

You can go through the YouTube video on this Reddit page and let us know your views on the same in the comments.

Also, please read about how to stay protected from these online scams!

The Final Words

Lord Society Nft Scam is true or not; you need to stay protected and prevent falling into their traps whether you are from the United States or another country. 

We have mentioned all the information about this scam, but please make sure that other NFT users claim these details, and we have just provided them for your knowledge. 

If you find any discrepancies, comment below, and we will respond to them.

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