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Are you so into the real estate world? If so, you must be well-known with one of the greatest real estate professionals. Yes, we are discussing Lydia Carnes who recently passed away in the United States and left so many hearts shattered. 

Lydia was a famous estate expert in San Diego, California whose sudden death news was indeed shocking. As per the sources, she passed away due to an awful car accident. Still, people are looking for Lydia Carnes Obituary Edwardsville IL. Let’s see the details below-

Is Lydia Carnes Obituary Out? 

Firstly, for those who are unknown of this word, an obituary is a report of a person’s cessation usually with a quick biographical summary. If we talk about Lydia, we got news of her death through a random online person. 

It was a terrible car accident. Her obituary isn’t available to the public as of now but we are notified of her date, cause and place of death. This mishap took place on 23rd June in Edwardsville. We have to wait maybe a week for the obituary. 

Lydia Carnes Edwardsville Car Accident Detailing

Lydia’s car accident is one of the most suspicious things circulating on the Internet. There are no authentic sources present behind the accident. The information started circulating through unconfirmed references on Thursday. 

Moreover, Lydia wasn’t a very sociable person so we don’t know anything about her family and social life as well. But, she was dead on the spot after an accident. Her family must be mourning over a great loss. We cannot expect any updates from them as her family is not in a state to give us the details. 

Why is Lydia Carnes Obituary Edwardsville IL Trending? 

Obituaries are in high demand when the cause of death is highly suspicious. Lydia’s case is among those sceptical cases where not even a single detail related to her death is available on the Internet. 

Obituaries help families to declare the death of their loved ones rather than by reaching people individually. But in this case, it’s difficult to expect an obituary as it was a sudden shock. We believe that we should wait as we respect Lydia’s family’s personal space and their grieving time. 

Lydia’s Social Media Handles

When we were searching about Lydia Carnes Edwardsville Car Accident, we went through various social media handles of Lydia. She was a privately active person on social media. Her Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are not publicly shown but we gathered information through her Twitter account. 

We got to know through her tweets that she was an extremely fun-loving person who loved her female dog and boyfriend. She mentioned that she hates that fun stuff happens when she goes out of the city but when she’s home, they do trifle. Our hearts ache with the loss of such a chirping girl. 


Lydia Carnes Obituary Edwardsville IL is not found by anyone as the family isn’t in a state of interaction. We couldn’t even find enough information regarding her funeral. Let’s wait till the family and friends are back to normal and pray that her soul rests in peace. 

All the given information present here is based on the internet. Click here to visit her Twitter account. What are your views on this breaking news? Please comment.

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