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The article on will help you understand the Mcdonald’s new Campaign and a game related to it.

Do you want to know about Mcdonald’s Monopoly? People in the United Kingdom are really happy that McDonald’s Monopoly is back. You can win millions of dollars in rewards when you earn Monopoly Double Peel labels with purchases at McDonald’s starting on September 7 and continuing through October 18, 2022. 

The McDonald’s app includes a brand-new digital peel game with many more rewards up for grabs instantly and through prize drawings. This year they had the typical property collection and fast-win labels. Read about below.

How does it work?

Monopoly is bigger and better this year, with more chances to win. Customers may purchase the brand-new double-peel game that transforms their phones into a Monopoly game board online. Players are no longer limited to playing just one game; they may go forward and have more chances to win. 

The player may still peel the label off their promotional food item for a chance to win an instant prize in addition to scanning a property code to finish the set and win in the app or on “”

McDonald’s App: About Monopoly

Players have an additional chance to win via the digital peel for each property they have banked in their monopoly wallet when they use the McDonald’s mobile app to complete the set and scan the property code. Peel on Pack display property or earn an immediate reward. The property peel enables them to add properties to their collection. 

The prize draws peel, which provides an additional opportunity to win, the Cash Peel, which offers cash prizes ranging from £5 to £100, and the community chest peel, which provides instant prices for items like must-have McDonald’s merchandise and menu favorites, among others. How to play Monopoly?

By assembling game pieces from menu items such as fries, sandwiches, drinks, and Mcflurry, the well-known McDonald’s Campaign, launched in 2005, works similarly to the original Monopoly board game, giving customers the chance to win prizes. 

Buyers has to remove the game pieces from particular meals for winning free meals and other great prizes. Peel on Pack winners can discover real estate or receive a cash reward immediately. Extra Peel customers are eligible to win further exciting prizes after logging into the McDonald’s app.

Final thoughts on

The return of McDonald’s Monopoly has made many quite delighted. The brand-new double-peel game, which transforms users’ smartphones into a Monopoly game board. When using the McDonald’s mobile app to finish the set and scan the property code, players get an additional opportunity to win via the digital peel for each property they have banked in their monopoly wallet. For more information on Mcdonald click here and visit the page.

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