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Latest News Michael Buble Domestic Abuse

The article tries to find out the real story of the controversy of Michael Buble Domestic Abuse and find out the truth.

Did you know that recently Michael Buble got death threats? Yes, recently, on a television show, Michael was accused of indicating domestic violence against his wife, Luisana.

After reviewing the live video, many of his fans got angry. Michael’s fans from the United States and the United Kingdom sent him pictures of knives.

On social media and other communication platforms, fans have sent many knives images to couples. Due to this reason, news has spread about Michael Buble Domestic Abuse. But just before that, we need to know about Buble.  

What Do You Know about Michael Buble? 

Michael Buble is one of the famous singing figures in Canada. Michael came into the limelight in 2005 when he released the first album, “It’s Time”. 

The album was a massive hit. In 2007 Michael released the second album, “Call Me Irresponsible”. The album ranked number one in “Canada’s Album Chart”.

Michael’s third album “Crazy Love” reached rank one in “Billboard 200” two years later. But recently, Michael was involved in controversies that caused the anger of many people and fans.

The Incident of Michael Buble Abuse

As per our research, the controversy started in April. Many accused the famous singer of harming his wife on an online program.

During the “Instagram” live, Buble pushed his wife, Luisana, with the elbow. Many people claim it is an abusive step by the “Feeling Good” singer.

However, the fans marked it as an aggressive step by Michael Buble and criticized him on social media platforms.

The “Instagram” clips got viral within a few hours and many fans. Incredibly, Michael’s Latin American fans got angry. As per our survey, Michael’s wife is a citizen of Argentina.

The aftermath of Michael Buble Domestic Abuse

After the incident, many fans shamed Michael. But his wife denied all the claims made by the fans. Luisana cleared all the doubts on the controversy raised in recent times.

In a recent television interview, she described the incident and said Michael is a very noble husband. The 32 years old lady said she is afraid of getting threats.

The actress claimed that after the incident, they both received lots of images with weapons. Even many claimed they would cut Michael’s fingers when he visited Argentina.

Many also threatened that they would beat due to Michael Buble Abuse signs. 

Why Did the News Go Viral? 

Due to the live show, the fans saw everything on the live show. The audiences reacted due to the behaviour of the 44 years old celebrity.

Fans also showed the “red flag” during the show on social media. Due to this reason, the news has been trending recently.

At Last

After the incident, many claimed that Michael was an ill-tempered person abusing his wife. On the other hand, as per our research, we didn’t get any feedback from Buble after the controversy about Michael Buble Domestic Abuse.

Whatever reports we receive and inform you that are from the media sources. Moreover, you can also check the link to know more about Michael Buble.  

How Do You Describe Buble’s Behavior? Please comment.

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