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Javier Milei personifies anti-establishment dissent. For years, the economist appeared on talk shows and criticised the country’s politics. He now aspires to be Argentina’s leader. Young voters think this is a good thing.

 While talking about Mipalabra Javiermiley Comwe can say that Javier Milei’s passions include being a soccer goalkeeper, a rock singer and an economics professor. In July, Miley created the La Libertad Avanza party to make that ambition a reality. 

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Who is Javier Miley?

Gerardo Javier Milei was born on October 22, 1970, in Buenos Aire; he is an Argentine economist, teacher, radio driver, writer, politician, and speaker. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and postgraduate degrees in theory and economics. 

He is the author of various books on politics and economics and the host of the radio show Demoliendo mitos.

Mipalabra Javiermiley Com 

Javier Miley gained some public attention for his televised debates and harsh criticism of the governments of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Alberto Fernández. 

In the 2021 parliamentary elections, he was elected as a national deputy for the City of Buenos Aires alongside Victoria Villarruel of the La Raza party.

Extra Knowledge on Mipalabra 

Young people, in particular, voted for him. Many of them may have been drawn to him because of his style. His history as the lead singer of a rock band is mirrored in his campaign appearances; he frequently dons a leather jacket, sings a rock anthem and Mipalabra Javiermiley Com

His thick, unkempt hair has given him the moniker Peluca. Miley is also a performer. He once quipped on a comedy show. 

The right-wing will not allow you to live with the people you want. The left wing will not allow you to conduct business with the people you want. The libertarians are unconcerned about who you do business with or live with.

Milei’s libertarianism, however, extends beyond the realm of humour. He views tax collection to be worse than stealing because the state, he claims, is mostly employed to give plum positions among politicians.

Mipalabra Javiermiley Com also considers social benefits antisocial because they force people to rely on the state and politicians who offer them.

Why is it in trend?

The raffle will take place on January 12, which coincides with a significant political event in Mar del Plata. During the election campaign, the economist stated that he would increase his activities as a matter of honour and not charge a fee for performing public responsibilities. 

Furthermore, you will continue to receive funds from private conferences that you have in addition to the Public Statement. Those who win the raffle will offer many pesos to anyone.


From the above information of Mipalabra Javiermiley Com, we conclude that Miles is not the only legislator who voted to pay her salary through her legislative palace. 

Legislators from the left front bloc have opted to collect a portion of their income and contribute the remainder to unions and social organizations. 

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