Who Is Mohamed Amra Origine? Know About France Gangster “La Mouche” Escape Scenes 2024!

Latest News Mohamed Amra Origine

The article explains Mohamed Amra Origine, his Marseille, France, case story, and his nickname, La Mouche in a truthful manner along with his 2024 jail terms.

Have you seen the real fight scenes and toll takeovers by gangsters? If not, then the Eure toll booth in France witnessed the deadly attack to release the French gangster Mohamed Amra.

In order to make Mohamed Amra escape from the police, the attack happened, and the footage was leaked worldwide.

In this article, we will learn about Mohamed Amra Origine and his nickname, Mouche, in Marseille and many more interesting details below.

Who is Mohamed Amra Origine?

Who is Mohamed Amra Origine

Here, the term origine refers to “Origine” refers to the word origin. Mohamed Amra is a gangster who originated in France.

He is also known as “ The Fly.” He is the gang boss who does illegal trafficking of drugs, kidnapping, attacking, attempting murder, and unlawful detention of people.

Recently, he has been seen on the news because earlier, Mohamed was arrested for theft and illegal detention, and the court sentenced him to 18 years in jail.

On May 14, 2024, police officials decided to shift Mohamed to another jail named Val-de-Reuil prison in the Eure region. At the toll booth, Mohamed planned an escape, and similarly, he escaped, killing two policemen.

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Latest updates on the Mohamed Amra France shooting incident

The police officials used the police convoy to commute Mohamed to his new prison. On their way to prison, they have to travel via the Eure booth, where the convoy has to stop for 2 to 3 seconds.

During that period, a masked unknown person attacked the convoy. The police officers retaliated by shooting the culprits, but the masked person was compelling, so they shot the two police officers and took Mohamed Amra along with them. 

Thus, Mohamed cleverly escaped from the prison, and he is now roaming freely.

Mohamed Amra Marseille case story

This keyword is all about Mohamed’s Marseille case. On May 10, he was sentenced to jail for his robbery case, and he got an 18-month jail term for that.

But before the case, Mohamed was arrested in the Marseille case, where he illegally detained one person, which even led to his death. Thus, Marseille district prosecutors handled the case, and he was punished for that case as well.

Who is Mohamed Amra la Mouche?

Here, the term “La Mouche” refers to the fly. You must be confused as to why Mohamed is associated with Fly!

Because his popular nickname is Fly, and most of his associates used to call him Fly only, this keyword is also trending on the internet.

In addition to that, in the recent incident, Mohamed escaped from the police officers like a fly, so his nickname is becoming more related now.

The escape scenes and the counter-effects

French Mohamed Amra Origine escape scenes were recorded on the toll booth camera, and they are going viral all over the world. 

As the two police officers have lost their precious lives, French government officials organized an immediate press release to address the issue. They resolved to catch Mohamed as early as possible.

In addition, Mohamed’s prosecutor issued a press release stating that Mohamed’s planned escape was very wrong and would attract him even more punishment.

And the mother of Mohamed also expressed her briefing over his activities.


Thereby, we have discussed the planned escape story of the French gangster in a detailed manner. This Frenchman, Mohamed Amra Origine, is roaming freely on the streets of France. 

If he escaped in a broad light, he already had plans for an illegal mission, and if the police officials didn’t hurry up the investigation, then a crime would happen in the country. click here

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