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Read this post on the New Profile Pic App Russian Scam to find all exclusive facts to decide whether it should use or not.

Do you know, a new app that has surfaced, which goes by the name New Profile Pic, has obsessed the internet users with all the things that the app that has to offer? The app has been in news for past two three days and is consistently showing its dark side as well. It is alleged that the app is a scam. 

Many users in Netherlands, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom who have used the app have suggested that the New Profile Pic App Russian Scam. In this article, we will try finding the truth relating to the aforesaid. 

Is New Profic Pic Scam or Legit?

The app is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store. The rumours, or say allegation, about the app started on Twitter when some users started posting whether the app steals their data. The app however has not stolen anyone’s data yet as no conclusive and substantiated evidence has surfaced depicting the same. The rumours at best, for now, can be said to be baseless as no person has come forward who has been stolen of his bank money. However, with regards to the privacy policy, it cannot with certainly be said whether it is scam or legit.

New Profile Pic Facebook

This trend has started where people started posting their photos clicked from the app on the social media, especially Facebook. But with this, some allegation shave also come into the light where it is alleged by some users that the app has been stealing the data of its users. Another accusation is about the app being a malware and stealing money from people’s account. Though this app which registers in Russia is targeted by many around the world, the privacy policy suggests that the application has normal terms and conditions and privacy policy.

New Profile Pic App Russian Scam 

The app which has surfaced the internet on Apple Store with the name of “New Profile Pic: Picture Editor” and on the Google Play Store by the name “New Profile Pic: Profile Picture” has become quite famous in past some weeks after its purported launch in May 2022. The main ingredient that this app offers is that while posting pictures from this app, it appears that the person is painted. 

The domain from Go daddy is registered in Moscow but there are no evidences of it being a scam.

Legitimacy Details:

For details on New Profile Pic App Russian Scam, some points are listed below:

  • Trust Score: New Profile Pic got only a 14 percent trust score. 
  • Registration Date: December 14, 2020
  • Social media: No accounts. Some awareness posts on facebook. 
  • Reviews: More negative reviews found.


There are certain allegations pertaining to an app that has surfaced the internet alleging that the app named New Profile Pic is a scam. However, the on closer scrutiny, it is certain that no evidence depicting the scam is discovered. To know more, see Warnings issued over Profile Pic app.  

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