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This article describes a trending photo editing mobile application discussed among social media users and its website. Read more details on the Newprofile com

Are you eager to know about a trending website and an app associated with it that is trending on various social media platforms? Do you want to know about the features provided to the users? Keep reading without skipping to know more.

Social media users Worldwide are excited about the photo editing features provided by a mobile app that helps modify and edit profile pictures. Let’s take a deep look at the trending Newprofile com and its photo-editing mobile application. 

What is is supposed to be the website associated with a trending photo editing application available on Google Play and Apple App Store. NewProfilePic: Profile Picture app is one of the top photography apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

The website,, gets redirected to another website, Apart from that, no data on the website mentions the NewProfilePic: Profile Picture.

 The domain is also listed for sale. The developer of the popular photo editing app is Linerock Investments LTD. Read more on Newprofilepic como Usar.

How to use NewProfilePic?

  • Choose a photo from the mobile device, or the user can click a new picture.
  • The user then needs to upload the photo into the editing platform provided by NewProfilePic.
  • A simple editing menu is provided to the user to edit and modify the uploaded photo accordingly.
  • The photo editor is developed with a simple and easy to understand user interface. 
  • The AI technology used in the app helps to adjust the positions of the filters and designs concerning the shape and size of the face.
  • The edited pictures can be then saved or shared.

Newprofile com

  • NewProfilePic provides several customized editing features that help edit and enhance the quality of the photos in a few minutes.
  • The impressive designs, filters and editing styles helped the app gain massive popularity among social media users.
  • The app got updated with various new features on 20th May 2022. The update comes with the introduction of new avatars.
  • Google Play has over one million installs.
  • The latest version is 0.5.3, and the app size is 23 MB.
  • Mobile devices need Android 5.1 for smooth usage.

NewProfilePic: User Reviews and Ratings

  • Newprofile com app has a Google Play rating of 4.6/5. A total number of 64,418 have rated the app to date.
  • The majority of Android users have rated the app with full ratings.
  • Michael Hale, an android user, mentioned that the app’s features are nice and help edit photos with remarkable filters.
  • Another android user, Deanna Davis, praised the app for providing a nice background for her selfie pictures. 


NewProfilePic and its features are trending over major social media platforms as users share edited profile pictures and other photos praising the app’s quality. To know more details on this topic, kindly look here.

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