O2 Billing Text Scam {Sep 2022} Grab The Entire Details!

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In this article, we discuss information about the O2 Billing Text Scam and other important information. So stay tuned with us to explore more.

Have you seen the O2 sudden warning that they have given to the customers? People from the United Kingdom and other nations are wondering why O2 suddenly has issued a warning against the scam messages. If you have any idea about it, then you must be known about the O2 Billing Text Scam. People are unaware of the scam or searching for how to avoid being scammed. If you are one of them, this article will help you with all the important and relevant information about the O2 Billing scam.

What is the fuss about the O2 text scam?

Many people are receiving suspicious text by the name of O2, and O2 confirmed that the text they are receiving is an O2 Billing Text Scam and warned them not to follow any steps mentioned in the scam text.

What O2 said about the scam?

O2 gave a warning to their customer and O2 told the people not to click on any link sent to their numbers or emails. If anyone thinks they have received a scam text, then report it to O2 and delete it immediately. O2 has asked to forward the O2 Billing Text Scam on 7726 from where O2 can track the scam text.

How can you identify if the O2 text is fake?

  • If you got mail, you can check if it’s from the official website or not.
  • If you got a text, check the number if it’s from the given company number or a normal number.
  • Check the O2 carefully. Sometimes scammers put zero instead of O.
  • They ask for sensitive data .

What O2 Billing Text Scam says?

O2 Scam text is asking the customers of O2 to update the payment details. The message also claims that the customer’s billing details are incorrect, and they must click on the link to correct it.


The write-up aims to give information about the O2 scam texts and what are the signs of the scam messages. If you wish to know more O2 billing scam read here.

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