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Gaming Tips One Direction Heardle

The guide shares details about the new musical spin-off One Direction Heardle and lets readers know how to play it.  

Do you love playing the musical spin-off, Heardle? If your answer is affirmative, you would love to play the new viral puzzle game, Heardle One Direction. 

The rules and format of the new riddle remain the same as the original musical spin-off. But, the main twist in the game is that all the songs you have to guess are from the discography of the popular band, One Direction. 

After the game’s launch, fans in the United States, Australia, Canada, Spain, and the United Kingdom wanted to know how to play the new musical spin-off, One Direction Heardle

What is One Direction Musical Spin-Off?

The new musical spin-off of Heardle, One Direction, has been announced on social media, and it soon started grabbing the attention of worldwide fans and players. It is the unofficial fan-made daily riddle game that shares the same format and rules as the original musical riddle game, Heardle. The game comes with a twist as players have to guess the songs picked from the discography of the famous band, One Direction.

The same software powers the game, and it uses Soundcloud to source all the daily riddles or songs. 

How to Play Harry Styles Heardle Game?

Harry Styles Heardle or One Direction is the variation of the famous musical puzzle game, Heardle. It was released recently on social media by the eagle-eyed fans and took the gaming world by storm. 

The game shares the same rules as the original musical riddle game, where players will get six chances to guess the correct song. The game is easy for the fans as it only publishes songs from the discography of the popular band, One Direction. 

Every day a new riddle is published in the One Direction Herdle game, and players must guess the correct song. Plus, it comes with a “Skip” function, and it gives the players a chance to skip the song if they are unsure and unlock the second song to guess. 

Like all other puzzle games, the game resets the riddles at midnight, and the song is made available for guessing until next midnight. 

What are Player’s Reactions?

One Direction, the Heardle spin-off, was released on the Twitter. Soon after the launch, it attracted the attention of many worldwide fans. One Direction Heardle is the fan-made daily riddle game with many fans and a player base. 

People have shared their comments and experiences on the official social media page. People are happy to play the game and guess the songs from their favorite band. 


One Direction Harry Styles Herdle is the daily riddle game inspired by the famous musical puzzle game, Heardle. It is a fan-made daily riddle game that lets players guess songs from One Direction’s famous band.  

You may check the Threads and read the comments and feedback of the players online.

Do you enjoy playing the new musical spin-off, One Direction Heardle? Please share your experiences in the comment section. 

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