What is an Online Exam Proctoring and Is it Working?

What is an Online Exam Proctoring

Online proctoring is a similar and new way of taking actual examinations which are monitored by an AI-based proctor. This software observes the candidate in real-time from any place. Proctors are embedded in the software to check for suspicious and unfair means a candidate can execute during an online assessment test. Online exam proctoring is a method that simplifies the whole process of holding the examination for both students and teachers. With the benefit of providing fairness and transparentness to the invigilation process.

Exam proctoring allows teachers and invigilators to conduct examinations from the location. In simple words, any candidate and student can take part in the webcam proctored exam or an online assessment test from sitting at any place from home to a library, or any other environment which he/she wishes to.

Moreover, one of the most crucial challenges faced by the educators and teachers that are familiar with the process of center-based exams for more than decades. Many teachers and candidates are facing issues in adopting this digital exam proctoring. The future of any industry is unpredictable, there is a need to evolve and it is time to adopt some minute changes. 

Key Takeaways of a webcam proctored exam:

It is worthwhile to comment that with the increase in the number of examinations conducted in online mode through devices like the web, tablets, mobiles, and many more; several companies and organizations are pushing themselves to adopt new technologies and work on how to take their profession digitally. Some new methods such as online exam proctoring, AI-based monitoring, and other innovation, have become a boon to the industry. 

With numerous benefits of online exams, more and more assessments are shifting from pen and paper mode to webcam proctored exams. In the world, some people are trying hard to unlock this opportunity in their business to grab the benefits of businesses from going digital. There is no uncertainty that online assessment tests are not progressive but they need proper guidance and knowledge to bridge the gap to accomplish their goals at the earliest.

What is a webcam proctored exam?

A webcam proctored test requires the use of a proctor who will consistently look at the candidates during an exam and observe the candidates with the help of gadgets like a webcam and microphone connected with the computer and PCs with high-speed internet connectivity. Some advanced technologies are embedded with the software that can help to avoid any suspicious activity through the candidate’s end during a webcam proctored exam. 

Who is an invigilator or a proctor?

A proctor is an invigilator or a supervisor with high experience. A proctor is hired by the body that conducts an assessment test to remotely monitor and observe the candidates during an online assessment from the very beginning to the end. Nowadays, AI-based software is in use that is embedded with some modern technologies that have replaced the use of physical invigilators. This software can detect any suspicious activity during an exam with high efficiency. 

Necessary things required by students and proctors to get engaged in exam proctoring:

Some of the basic amenities that are essential for a student, candidate, and an invigilators to get involved in the complete process of online assessment tests are

  • A suitable device such as a PC, laptop, computers
  • A functional webcam and a microphone are embedded in the device
  • High-speed internet connectivity not less than 512 Kbps
  • The most advanced version of the browser that supports the software

Online proctoring is in use for which purposes:

Online proctoring can be used via

  1. Universities and educational institutes that require to conduct an online assessment in a safe and secure environment.
  2. Educators want to check the knowledge and performance of their students with the help of assessments.
  3. The institutions provide candidates with some online courses along with certification programs. These institutions need to take assessment tests regularly to check the progress of the candidates and whether they are capable of having a certification.
  4. Organizations and companies are searching for employees and want to check their skills and knowledge.

Key Differences Between proctored and un-proctored online assessment tests:

Think of it, you are seated in an examination without any other candidate and an invigilator during the whole assessment. Then you will be tempted to cheat or indulge in any unfair means to score good grades in the examination. Some students would doubtlessly be eager to refer to the material of that particular course, ask friends and relatives or even search for the same on the internet to get suitable answers. And, if the transparency and fairness of the assessment test are compromised, then the whole evaluation process will be a waste of time and effort required to conduct an assessment test. The reports of the evaluation will be inaccurate, as they will not be able to assess the skills and proficiencies of the candidates. Moreover, it will decrease the morale and efficiency of some students who were not indulged in any unfair means. 

During the online proctoring of the examinations, candidates are aware of the fact that they are being proctored via some advanced and innovative technologies that will warm them during the assessment test or will reflect the final reports of the exam. These advanced technologies consistently observe and examine the behavior of the candidates via webcam and microphone. After knowing all these guidelines, candidates won’t take any chance to cheat or trick the system as they are aware of the fact that software is always there to keep an eye on them.

Is Online Proctored Exam Different from Center-based Exams in any way?

You will be shocked to know the fact that both online proctored assessment tests are similar to on-campus assessment tests. An online proctored examination working on the basic principles of center-based examination without the use of any physical invigilator. With the benefit of occurring in the examination from any place, we wish to. Moreover, online proctored exams work with full fairness and transparency.

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