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Have you heard about the latest documentary released on Netflix? ‘Our father’ is the new documentary released by Netflix. It has made a sensation on social media due to its horrifying story. People from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Canada are curious about this documentary.

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Why is ‘our father’ trending?

Netflix just released this documentary on 11th May 2022. Since then, this film has been trending for being disturbing to viewers. This film is based on a true story. This story is about a father who crosses about a million lines and ends up being the father of many children. There are around 94 siblings in this film named Our Father. People who are a fan of thrilling crime films will love this film. 

Did Dr Cline Go to Jail?

Donald Cline is the father of this film. He was once a very popular fertility specialist in Indiana from the 1970s to the 1990s. Cline used his reproductive material to breed patients from 1979 to 1986. He used it on the patients without informing them and this type of act is not legal. The court took a few legal actions against Cline, and he lost his licence and paid $500 as a fine. The sad part is he didn’t go to jail for affecting so many lives. 

Facts about Our Father How Many Siblings

  • At the film’s beginning, the viewers are introduced to Jacoba Ballard, the only child with the donor material.
  • She later takes a DNA test at home and discovers that she has seven half-siblings, but the numbers grew as she researched more. 
  • She later found that Dr Donald Cline biologically fathered all her siblings. Cline used to be a famous infertility doctor in the 1970s, but later people realized that he misused his duties and made this crime.
  • After that, Cline faces many consequences for his acts and gets his licence cancelled.

Reviews on ‘Our father.’

Many people have watched this film, and many reviews were found on Twitter and a question arises Our Father How Many Siblings? This was the question of most viewers as they were shocked about the number of siblings, around 94. People also said it is so sad that women are not taken seriously and constantly downplayed. The prosecutor of the film received a lot of hate because he didn’t take any serious action. 

Please note that these details are from the web, we are not blaming anyone.


To finish this post, we can say that this documentary is one of the craziest and most terrifying. However, people who are fans of thrilling films can watch this film. Please visit this page to know more about ‘Our father’.

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