Oxford Jab Smears Kill Thousands (Feb) Read The Facts!

Latest News Oxford Jab Smears Kill Thousands

This write-up is here to enlighten you about the controversy around the Oxford Jab Smears Kill Thousands statement to provide you with a safe vaccination.

Have you been fully vaccinated? Which Vaccine did you get to protect yourself from the pandemic? Many people in the countries like CanadaAustralia, and the United Kingdom have received the AstraZeneca Vaccine. 

This particular vaccine has suffered severe reputation damage from the very beginning. So, it is an obvious question to consider whether the vaccine is trustworthy? Recently a scientist from Oxford remarked that Oxford Jab Smears Kill Thousands, and here we will try to find out the truth behind it.

All About AstraZeneca Vaccine

The Oxford AstraZeneca Vaccine for Covid-19 is most popularly known as Covishield. It is the only non-profit Covid Vaccine in the world. But currently has become an outcast in the European Country and elsewhere.  

The Vaccine is a joint venture of the Oxford University and the pharmaceutical company of British-Swedish origin named AstraZeneca. It is a highly effective vaccine with an efficacy of 81.3% when both doses are completed. However, while looking for the answers of did Oxford Jab Smears Kill Thousand, we learned that the vaccine’s efficacy against the delta version is a bit less, near around 61%. 

Intramuscular injections are used to give this jab and the time difference between the two doses is of 12 weeks. It may cause slight side effects like nausea, headache, and injection-site pain. However, none of these are long-term issues.

What Is the Controversy All About?

Recently in an interview, Sir John Bell, professor of the Oxford University and one of the key scientists of the team that has curated the vaccine, said that Oxford Jab Smears Kill Thousands. He has accused that political leaders and decision-makers have remarked carelessly about such a valuable vaccine and thus misleading people about it by damaging the vaccine’s reputation to a great extent.

Despite of its excellent safety profile, the vaccine has become an outcast in the European Union countries and is almost out of the booster campaign as many people denied to take it. Denying an opportunity to be vaccinated is currently equal to accepting death, and Sir John believes that the bad behaviors of the leaders are responsible for it. 

Oxford Jab Smears Kill Thousands – Reason Behind the Statement

  • The vaccine has been associated with some very rare cases of blood clotting among people with low blood platelets, but the fear caused a ban on the vaccine in many countries.
  • The French president’s comment says the vaccine is ‘quasi-effective’ for elderly people.
  • The vaccine is restricted to a particular age group in some countries.
  • Being labeled as the British vaccine cause nationalism issues in the promotion

All these incidents contributed to the damage of reputation for the vaccine, thus causing increasing vaccine hesitancy among the world population. Know more about the Oxford Jab here.


We would not like to take any side in the controversy of Oxford Jab Smears Kill Thousands. But we suggest that you may consult with a doctor before getting vaccinated but kindly do not run away from it as it is the only way to escape the pandemic. You may share your view in the comments.

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