What Is the Hourly Rate for Painters in Melbourne?

What Is the Hourly Rate for Painters in Melbourne

Melbourne painting costs are determined by several factors, including job requirements, work procedures, health safety, and painting space.

A new coat of paint on a new house will cost less than repairing recently deteriorated walls. 

Differences in costs also apply to depend on whether the project is residential or commercial.

Residential Painting Cost

For residential work, many painters in Melbourne charge from AU$ Fifty-five to AU$ Seventy-five per hour. The expense of residential painting depends upon the dimensions of your project, whether you need interior or exterior painting, and the paint’s substance. 

It is cheaper to paint the interior of a home than to paint the exterior. Therefore, a wide range of prices are associated with painting brick veneer homes on a single level, ranging from AU$ Four thousand to AU$ Eight thousand. 

When painting your home in Melbourne, you must consult a professional painter in Melbourne

Professional painters have the know-how, experience and high-quality products that ensure that your paint finish is beautiful.

Yet DIY paint jobs take more time and don’t last as long. Painters also know that basic repairs are needed to ensure a flawless paint job.

At Viva Painters, we have highly skilful painters services in Melbourne who can offer you a free quote for your home today. 

Commercial Painting Cost

The Melbourne painter’s rate is usually between AU$ Sixty five and AU$ Eighty-five per hour for commercial work, while the rate for domestic work is generally between AU$ Sixty and AU$ Seventy five per hour. 

Residential painting projects are more expensive due to the job’s more important technical details and dimensions.

Locating a prosperous job is notable to commercial endeavours, as it requires a detailed colouring palette or additional designs and is enormous. Quality paint products are necessary for commercial property, ensuring any painting venture’s durability and superior appearance. 

A bad paint job can last much longer and not be up to snuff for any building, whether commercial or residential. 

It is essential to procure a contractor for any contractual work. When choosing a commercial painting contractor, be sure they have the correct licenses and insurance to complete the job safely. 

Any painting intended to be higher than usual, including warehouses or more significant buildings, requires a hoist.

A professional painter will also have the instruments and knowledge to ensure a job looks good and lasts.

An estimate of the cost per square meter to paint

For professional painters in Melbourne, it’s typical for them to charge by the square metre. In this case, the painter will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate of the work. 

It is estimated that it will cost AU$Eighteen GST for two coats of paint to cover one square metre. If three coats of paint are applied to a square metre, it may cost as much as AU$ Twenty three GST per square metre.

The cost of a painter’s service in Melbourne depends upon the type of paint chosen and the size of the artwork. Interior painting can be more cost-effective than exterior work, and any job that requires extensive prep work will be more expensive.

Spend time shopping around for the painter that is right for you. Do not feel bad about asking for multiple quotes to find your lowest price. Just be sure you are pricing decent products built to last. 

Speak with Viva Painters if you need our professionals to assist you with your upcoming paint job. Give us a call, and our technicians will answer any questions or concerns you have.

Choosing Your Painter

You have decided to seek advice from a professional painter in Melbourne on your current project. That’s great! How do you know if the painter you hired is suitable? 

There are a few things that you should consider:

Check the painter’s level of professionalism and licensing.

Consult each painter you are considering. Ask for references, and do not be afraid to ask questions.

At Viva Painters, we always provide a detailed price quote that details job-specific information, such as the area to be painted. If your quote does not contain this information, likely, the quote is not accurate. 

Never work with a painters service in Melbourne which doesn’t give an accurate quote; this indicates unreliability in our office.

Make sure you and the painters in Melbourne both have clear expectations. For example, who’s responsible for moving the furniture and covering it up? Is the painter accountable for cleaning up afterwards? What are the job timelines? 

A good painter in Melbourne must be responsible for cleaning up any mess they cause during the job. 

A professional painter can assure you that your project will be completed correctly. When you hire an expert painter in Melbourne, your paint job will be perfect. 

At Viva Painters, we provide an array of professional painters services in Melbourne. To schedule your free, professional estimate, contact us today.

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