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Latest News Paul Mullin Salary

The article describes the recent news of Paul Mullin Salary and the salary part of the lower division footballers.

Do you know footballer Paul Mullin? The centre-forward players have been the media’s focus for the last few months. Many of his fans want to know about Paul’sPaul’s salary. Millions of fans are checking this information on the internet worldwide

That is why we need to find some information about Paul Mullin Salarylet’s see the data source. 

What is the news on Paul’s Salary? 

The discussion is going on social media. For this reason, we have researched this particular matter and got some data about it. According to the recent financial report, Paul’s basic earnings are around 4000 Pound. The amount of salary has started a new debate.

Per the federal law of the United Kingdom, a football player can get 550 pounds per week. It is the minimum wage of the football player. But Paul receives around 750 Pound per week as a lower rank player in the federation.

Paul Mullin Goal Wrexham

In recent times Paul’s performance has made a good impression on the management of the Wrexham football team. For this reason, the club has decided on the contract extension with Paul. The news has come that the club authority has already signed a new contract with Paul. In this contract, Paul will play for this team until 2025.

Initially, Wrexham signed Paul with a three years contract from 2021-2024. Recently the expansion of the agreement made the deal up to 2025. Paul is now 27 years old and has already made a good mark with his performance in the team.

Paul Mullin Transfermarkt

Many experts say as a player, Paul has great demand in the transfer market. Last year as centre-forward player for the team, Paul scored 32 goals. Paul generally played the entire tournament. Not only this, his performance helped the team get a good stand in the National League Table. 

Besides this, Mullion became the top goal scorer in the National League. Last year he joined Wrexham from another famous team Cambridge United. Many clubs wanted him for the next season for his performance and goal-scoring ability. But a new contract deal finalized that top goal scorer Paul Mullin Sofifa will play for Wrexham up to the 2025 season. 

Why the News Circulating? 

People are interested in the salary of the players of England’sEngland’s lower division clubs for many reasons. We all know the transfer market and salary part for the players of the English Premier League. For this reason, lots of fans want to know about the salary of these players and want to compare it with the EPL players. 


At last, we can say, many experts and human rights people strictly criticize the salary difference of the players. For example, the lower division players get minimal salary as Paul Mullin Salary. They are arguing about settling the matter soon. 

Please note that the data has been taken from the validated internet reports. You can also research the matter via this link. What is your opinion on this salary discrimination? Comment, please. 

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