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The post elaborates more on Write for Us Photography and provides guidelines for candidates to guest blog.

Photography is a growing field of interest among the youngsters. However, considering the various nuances of creating a perfect photograph, a lot remains to be explored. We are inviting all photography enthusiasts who also possess the potential to craft good writeups to explore our Write for Us Photography opportunity. This guest blogging is a one-of-its-kind chance for writers to showcase their talent and build a strong portfolio for themselves.

We have elaborated more about the details and nuances to be followed in the upcoming sections. So read carefully till the very end.

A Gist About the Website

We are an international platform that has risen in popularity among readers. Our readership caters to varied regions not limited by geography and time. Thus, we also bring articles from various genres tailored for all audiences. Herein, our writers put all their effort into crafting content that is backed by research and facts and adds value for the readers. We expect our candidates for Write for Us + Photography to bring to the table the curiosity and hunger of exploring the depths of information by presenting something different and unique to readers.

Some of the top categories which is garnering much traction include:

  • News articles primarily deal with the motto of eliminating ignorance. With the internet being a broad medium, there is a chance of fake news becoming mainstream media and later being shared sporadically with others. News content includes detailed research, producing facts, and educating readers.
  • The health-related category is prominent, considering its importance in the present time. There is much information required to educate the audience.
  • Other famous genres you must check to understand content structure include technology, science, cryptocurrency, and technology.

Photography Write for Us – What are the Eligibility Norms?

Our contents are amongst the top-ranking articles on the internet. Thus, we have also laid strict criteria to make it for the candidature. Some of the regulations laid for eligibility include:

  • Graduates in art and diploma in Photography are welcome
  • More importantly, you must have a curiosity about Photography. If you have the element in you to explore the further depths of Photography, this opportunity is for you
  • Professional photographers, interns, and writers interested in the field are also eligible.
  • More importantly, individuals who know basic writing guidelines are an added advantage.

“Write for Us” + Photography – Topic Suggestions for Guest Blogging

You have the liberty to choose any topic of interest to them. Besides, you can select topics for content creation from the list below.

  • Evolution of Photography from Analog to Digital
  • How is Photography a Visual Storytelling Platform
  • How to Master Photography Using Mobile
  • Challenges Related to Photography
  • The Creative Boundaries Related to Photography
  • Navigating Photography in Professional Landscape
  • Fashion Photography and The Style of Expression
  • Editing Skills Required for Photography
  • Storytelling Coming From Photography Using Narrative Images
  • How to Capture Street Photography in Urban Landscapes
  • Navigating the Camera Guide Using Lenses, Accessories, and Camera
  • Mastering the Art of Lighting in Photography

Photography + “Write for Us” – General Writing Regulations

Writing is simple art juxtaposed with the complexities of piercing the audience’s heart. We have set certain writing standards for our website that must be met. This is enlisted in the below section as pointers, which is described in detail:

  • We have a set word limit for any article. The minimum word limit is 750 words, while the maximum is 1000.
  • Research is a must for all articles. This must include watching videos, listening to audio files, reading books, content, interviews, etc.
  • Try to keep the topic unique that instills curiosity in the readers
  • It is recommended to refrain from developing any content using AI tools. If we identify any article generated from AI, it will be immediately rejected
  • Photography “Write for Us” articles must showcase a different aspect of the topic, which is still unexplored
  • Divide the content into proper structures, including introduction, sections, and conclusion
  • Adding images is beneficial, but it should not have any copyright issues
  • Check the articles for grammatical errors and plagiarism to ensure they are not spun.

SEO Regulations

The articles must be aligned with the SEO guidelines as they are pivotal for ranking on the SERP. Here are the basic SEO points all candidates must keep in mind. These include:

  • Adding headlines for articles is important
  • The tags must be as per the requirement, including H1, H2, H3, and H4
  • Sentences must be not more than 20 words
  • Paragraphs must be 100 to 150 words
  • All keywords must be distributed appropriately per the density required for the word count.
  • Check for keywords that align with the topic.
  • Include a meta description and meta title, including at least one keyword.
  • It must include primary, secondary, and LSI keywords.

Write for Us + Photography – Guideline for Submitting the Sample Article

We request that candidates look for the guidelines and read everything in detail before drafting the content. It is mandatory to follow the instructions listed regarding the topic. To get selected for guest blogging, the candidates must submit sample content via email at [email protected]. These must be in Word or Google Doc format and not in PDFs.

Final Conclusion

All candidates are welcome to try their luck with the guest blogging opportunity. We are eager to welcome guest bloggers who would like to build their resumes and learn more about the process of content writing. All the content related to Write for Us Photography is covered entirely in this article.

However, if you have any queries about these sections listed in the paragraphs above, an email can be sent using the Email ID. Our editors and writers will connect with you to resolve all doubts. To learn more about Photography, click

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