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Latest News Plane Crashes China Wiki

The article discusses the recent Plane Crashes China Wiki and informs the present situation on the incident.

Hope you are aware of the recent plane crash incident in China? The plane was crashed on the Mountain of South China. As per our sources, 132 members are killed in the horrific crash. The United States expanded their hands to help the Chinese authority in the rescue services even recently. 

But as per our recent research on the incident and the sources from Plane Crashes China Wikithe rescue party faces problems due to bad conditions. Let’s focus on the matter. 

The Recent Update on the Plane Crash

Our original research says that the rescue operation is suspended temporarily due to bad weather conditions and heavy rain. Our sources also find that Chinese officials demanded that no survivors were found on the crash ground until Tuesday night. 

The plane was flying with 132 passengers, but the accident stopped the aircraft’s journey. As per our sources links, presently, the “Public Security Department of China” is mainly taking care of the rescue and other important work on the site. 

Plane Crashes China Wiki the Information

Our extensive research also finds that “Wikipedia” has published the news. On their “Wikipedia” page, they have described the total incident that took place on 21 MarchMarch 2022. 

As per our “Wikipedia” page research, the plane departed from “Kunming Changshui International Airport” to “Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport” at 0515 UTC. 

But the communication collapsed with the flight at nearly 0622 UTC. As per the “Civil Aviation Administrative of China (CAAC),” the plane was travelling over “Wuzhou” city. After this, the CAAC lost communication with the flight members. 

Latest Update– Plane Crashes China Wiki

Our exclusive research finds some latest and essential updates about the tragic flight. 

  1. The local mining company (name unknown) took the video of the crash of the flight. 
  2. The local people at the crash site said they heard a sound of an explosion. 
  3. The flight was carrying 132 people. Among them, 123 were passengers, and 9 were crew members. 
  4. Chinese President Xi Jinping has already ordered an investigation. 
  5. The US’s “National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)” has appointed a senior officer to help with research. 

Above is the latest update of Plane Crashes China Wiki

Why the News is Trending

As per our research, recently it has been the most horrific and most significant plane crash incident in the Chinese aviation industry. 

The crash occurred when Boeing Max decided to start operation into the commercial flight after the pandemic situation. Due to this reason, the news is also covered by many international media. 


As per our research, the latest update is- the Indian government has decided to send three carrier planes to the victim area. India provides all kinds of surveillance services in the rescue operation conducted by China. 

As per the sources of Plane Crashes China Wiki China has already welcomed the surveillance idea. Besides this, all the information we have taken from our research and the internet sources.

You can also check the update on the crash incident by checking the link. What Do You Think about the Recent Condition? Please comment. 

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