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Are you searching for Wordle 401 answer? Are you someone who checks Wordle’s answer daily? Then please read this article to continue to gain the knowledge of Wordle game and to be aware of Wordle answers.

Wordle is one of the most discussible games worldwide. People living in the United States and the United Kingdom love playing this game. In this article, we will talk about Plore Wordle; here, we will talk about the significance of discussing this word and other information related to the word.

Why The Word Plore Trending With Wordle Game?

The most common discussible thing about the Wordle game is Wordle answers. As Wordle is the most popular word puzzle game, people always talk about the words that become Wordle answers.

Naturally, the player of this game does not always guess the right answers. Therefore, the words that were picked as the correct answer wrongly started trending among Wordle lovers. The same thing happened with the word Plore; let us discuss Plore.

Is Plore a Word?

Plore means the exhibition that visitors in a science museum explore. So we can notice that Plore is a word in the dictionary with proper meaning.

What Is The Correct Answer And Meaning Of Wordle 401?

The accurate word which became the answer of 25th July Wordle answer is Elope. The meaning of this word is to run away from home with the beloved to get married. Words that Sound Alike With Plore

  • Adore
  • Score
  • Whore
  • Store
  • Snore
  • Shore 
  • Glore
  • Crore

So we have seen the meaning of the correct answer and Elope and Plore Definition.

List Of Wordle Answers In Past Week

  • Flock: Answer Of Wordle 394; answer of 18th July
  • Angry: Answer of Wordle 395; answer of 19th July
  • Trite: Answer of Wordle 396; answer of 20th July
  • Aphid: Answer of Wordle 397; answer of 21st July
  • Tryst: Answer of Wordle 398; answer of 22nd July
  • Midge: Answer of Wordle 399; answer of 23rd July
  • Power: Answer of Wordle 400; answer of 24th July
  • Elope: Answer of Wordle 401; answer of 25th July

Tips to Play Plore Wordle

If you are a player of the Wordle game, you know the tricks by following which you can unwrap the mystery word. But if you are a newbie to Wordle, you should remember some techniques while solving Wordle puzzles.

The easiest and most popular trick followed by most Wordle players is the indication of the colour while playing. For example, the box’s colour will change to green, yellow, and grey by placing the right word, the right word in the wrong place and the wrong word, respectively.


From the above discussion of Plore Wordle, we have come to know the background story of the discussion with this word. We have also learnt the earlier answers and the rules to play Wordle. 

Are you a Wordle Player? Have you guessed the correct answer for 25th July? Please share your answers below. To know more about Wordle

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