Postoffice Gb Com Scam {March} Whats The People Opinions

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This article describes scammers’ recent online fraudulent activity to cheat people and acquire their data. Read more details about Postoffice Gb Com Scam.

Have you heard about a recent online fraud based on postal services? If so, read this article that elaborates all relevant information about the ongoing online-based scamming activities.

People from the United Kingdom received a text that stated the delivery status of the user’s parcel. Many users found the textsuspicious, and various online forums and discussions got kicked off to find the text’s credibility.

Let’s analyze and evaluate every possible resource to understand the Postoffice Gb Com Scam in-depth.

About Scam

Several people received a text mentioning the delivery details of their parcel, and the text asked the users to pay £1.45 online to avail the parcel. In addition to that, an online website, “,” was also provided for proceeding with the payment.

Many text receivers got confused as they hadn’t placed an order and the grammar mistake helped some users from ignoring such texts.  

The method of operation involved sending random texts to multiple people to trap the one who placed an order and awaits the order status.

Postoffice Gb Com Scam

  • This scam focus on trapping people awaiting the delivery status of their product.
  • People believe that the message is from the original delivery associates as they only know about the order status.
  • The user is asked for a minimal settlement fee for the ordered item’s re-delivery. People tend to believe scammers’ texts sent to them as the fees are low.
  • The user is then asked to visit a website to proceed with the payment procedures, where the user loses more money.

People’s Opinion on Scam

  • Maggie, a UK citizen, received a text from Postoffice Gb Com Scam informing her to pay the rebook delivery fees by visiting a website. When she saw the website, it asked for her bank details.   
  • Post Office spokesperson informed that the post office never sends texts about mails or parcels.
  • Most citizens received texts that mentioned the “£1.45” delivery fees.

How To Avoid Such Scams?

  • Don’t click the links provided on a text message unless you’re entirely sure about the sender’s credibility.
  • Only use the official websites to track your orders.
  • Report the suspicious messages that will help in the blockage of the number. Let’s learn on Postoffice Gb Com Scam.
  • Installing untrusted apps provided through texts and emails must be avoided entirely.
  • Delete the messages as soon as you find them suspicious. 
  • Block messages with spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • In case of doubt, call or mail the actual delivery associates to understand the delivery status of your product.


Online scams keep evolving with time, and the users use new cunning techniques and methods to lure people and loot them using their financial details. To know more about this relevant topic, have a look at.

Have you received texts from Postoffice Gb Com Scam? If yes, describe your experience about it below.

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