Why Is It Profitable to Buy Property in Antalya?

Complete Information About Why Is It Profitable to Buy Property in Antalya

Having been here on vacation, it is impossible to remain indifferent to this place. This city is so inviting that many vacationers decide to buy another apartment or house here to come here for the holidays. Many foreign citizens decide to move for permanent residence or choose this region as their second home. There are several reasons foreigners choose this city to live in Turkey, and the attractive property prices in Antalya are just one of them. Why to buy villas in Antalya for foreigners is a good idea? Let’s find out.

About Antalya

This is the region where Turkey’s color and natural beauty are preserved: Antalya and its suburbs occupy a significant part of the Republic of Turkey, the coast stretches for 350 kilometers, and besides, do not forget about the neighborhood with the wonderful Taurus mountain range.

According to statistics, Antalya is the most popular destination among tourist cities, where beach holidays are the key. The flow of tourists annually has about 15 million people. According to experts in the field of tourism, approximately 50% of visitors prefer to rent housing, which indicates the prospects for the rental business. In Antalya, there are many options for apartments on the seafront with beautiful views, access to the beaches, and at the same time, affordable prices.

Thus, the region is equally beautiful for both living and investing – a reliable option always in demand.

What property is demanded in Turkey?

The real estate market is overflowing with offers. Someone sells old property at the price of a new one, makes designer repairs and increases the average real estate check several times. Many real estate agents completely redo the apartment and put it up for sale to buy several other plots in the future and make even more money.

To buy a house in Turkey by the sea, it is not necessary to look through all the offers on your own, and the main thing is to find a competent specialist. Specialists in their field will select high-quality housing for your wallet and offer profitable deal options.

More and more foreign citizens are acquiring permanent housing in the Turkish state. The demand for real estate is caused by:

  • developed tourism;
  • favorable climate;
  • the presence of the sea;
  • low cost of housing;
  • the presence of entertainment for all ages.

The main types of housing in the country are:

  • apartments;
  • flats;
  • villas;
  • penthouses;
  • private residences.

If every mortal can afford an apartment and flats, then villas and private residences are entertainment for more affluent people.

The average cost of a 2-room apartment in Antalya is $75,000. For this price, you will get 60 square meters of property, a terrace, a communal pool, a comfortable gym, and a hall with a working atmosphere and silence.

Why buy a villa or apartment in Antalya?

Several factors influence the choice of buyers who decide to buy property in Antalya:

  • Quality of housing: houses are built from reliable materials;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Proximity to the sea;
  • Excellent roads and interchanges;
  • Mild climate;
  • Infrastructure with all amenities.

How are roads and transport developed?

Any major tourist city in Turkey has good roads and developed transport infrastructure. All this is present in Antalya. It has its airport, which welcomes guests from all over the world. By the way, the airport’s presence also affects investors’ decision to buy property in this city.

Residents and tourists can easily get from one point of the city to another thanks to the availability of public transport. In addition, the intercity bus network is well-developed: buses run from one settlement to another, both along the coast and inland. Another transport option is sea vessels, Antalya has its port.

Assistance in buying property in Turkey

You can view, select and choose interesting options for houses and villas, apartments, or flats on the official website of Turk.Estate. On this portal, you can find many profitable offers from developers and real estate agencies for foreign residents to buy Turkish real estate at good prices. Follow the link to start your search right now: https://turk.estate/en/.

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