Real-Time API – How to Build an App in Minutes

Complete Information About Real-Time API – How to Build an App in Minutes

Digital Samba is a great platform for effective and secure online communications for big companies, small businesses, and individuals. The company was founded in 2003 in Spain. Since that time, it has turned into the leading world developer of the best digital solutions for video conferences, classes, and webinars. Now, Digital Samba offers to use its browser-based and mobile-friendly video API for conferencing. It helps to embed live videos and group discussions easily. All you need to do is upgrade your platform with a fully integrated video solution from Digital Samba.  

What is API? 

The Application Programming Interface, API, is a set of methods by which different programs collaborate and exchange data. All these interactions take place with the help of functions, classes, structures, and, sometimes, constants of one program, which is accessed by others. It can be found everywhere – from operating systems to web applications. The API allows developers to use ready-made tools and not worry about their implementation. It also makes apps more secure and helps to link different programs together. A well-built, secure, and well-documented API is the foundation for software development. 

Therefore, Digital Samba has created a video API. It is specifically built for developers by developers. It allows embedding fully encrypted videos into your software or mobile app with just several lines of code. So, Digital Samba has already done everything to prevent you from any sort of WebRTC headaches. All solutions for high-quality video meetings and conferences are already here.

Key features of Digital Samba`s video API

Video API developed by Digital Samba offers its customers plenty of valuable features. Let us enumerate the key ones:

  • Remote muting. This option helps to moderate rooms during professional group video calls.
  • Whiteboard. This feature helps users to collaborate visually more effectively using various drawing and mark-up instruments. 
  • Virtual webcam background. This option helps to block out and protect private space. 
  • Content library. This spectacular video API feature developed by Digital Samba helps its users to store, upload, and share videos, documents, spreadsheets, and any other sorts of content using a secure media library in cloud storage. 
  • Live chat. All participants of a video conference can communicate with each other using both private and public messaging tools. 
  • Recordings. You can record any conference or online class in full HD MP4 format. After it, you can store it in secure cloud storage. This option allows you to watch the conference later so that you don’t miss any important info. The minimum cloud space in the Starter subscription plan is 10GB.   
  • Screen sharing. This option allows sharing live screen feed videos during your video conferences or webinars.
  • Auto emails. This feature allows sending auto email invitations to participate in your webinars, as well as follow-ups and reminders. 
  • Live streaming. This option of Digital Samba’s video API allows you to stream your video conferences, webinars, or online classes on Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook. It is a very convenient and easy-to-set-in feature. 
  • Mobile app. It helps to conduct mobile classes, video conferences, and webinars effectively and easily. Here, you can utilize such useful options as chats, hand rising, shared notes, Q & A, and many other functional options to boost your video conference efficiency.  

Pros of Digital Samba real-time API 

Digital Samba real-time API has plenty of advantages. The key ones are:

  • It provides access to efficient ready-made tools and, as a result, helps to save both your time and money.  
  • It boosts security. The API allows you to move functionality that must be protected into a separate app. This reduces the possibility of incorrect use of these functions by other programs. Digital Samba`s well-protected European server infrastructure secures all your private data. Digital Samba is SOC-1 compliant. It also uses end-to-end encryption and secure TLS encryption. 
  • It allows you to view up-to-date info in real time.
  • It links different systems. If you need to connect a payment system or authorization through social networks to the site, you cannot do without an API.
  • It allows embedding instantly any sort of webinar, online class, or video conference in any app or website simply using a few lines of HTML code. 
  • API helps to reduce development costs. It is often cheaper to use a paid API than to create functionality from scratch.

How to start using Digital Samba`s video API? 

Before purchasing a paid subscription plan, you can request a free account. It allows you to test all its features and get a clear vision of whether all of them satisfy your current needs. To start using a trial period, you need to use a special form on Digital Samba`s website and indicate your full name, email, and phone number. 

You can select from such packages:

  • Embedded for meetings. The package includes up to 49 active videos, screen sharing and video conferencing features, up to 100 attendees, cloud recordings, and many other valuable features. Please, keep in mind that no set-up fee is charged.
  • Embedded for webinars. This package includes 25 active videos and up to 2,000 attendees. Here, you can enjoy such extensive webinar features polls, hand rising, Q&A, chats, file sharing, breakout rooms, etc. The package also provides iOS and Android apps. It is also provided with a content library and allows for storing files and videos in a secure cloud. All these and other features of this package are encrypted. 


Now, you see that Digital Samba offers a great solution for building an app in minutes. Video API helps to save programmers time and reduce business development costs. This solution is well-matched with both PCs and mobile devices. It will help you to embed various online discussions and live videos quickly and easily.

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