Renting an Apartment vs Buying a Manufactured Home, Which Is Best?

Renting an Apartment vs Buying a Manufactured Home

One of the biggest steps in our adulthood is having to live on our own and build our ideal home. But what’s not everyone telling you is it’s not that easy. You have to go door to door every day and look for the perfect house where you want to build your new life- a perfect home where you find yourself settling down and a place where almost everything you could ask for is in it.

On the day you finally decide to move out of your parent’s home, you will have to choose whether you should rent an apartment or buy a manufactured home for sale. And honestly, nothing weighs more or less- it will just fall under what you need, what you desire, and what you can afford realistically.

So how do you choose the perfect option for you? Rent an apartment? Or buy a manufactured home? Why don’t we break it down for you?


The first thing you look into when looking for a place to stay is how much money it can cost and if it is still inside the budget. Although it may seem clear that monthly rent is way cheaper than a mortgage, there are still things you can consider when it comes to cost.

If you are not planning on staying in a place for a long time, renting an apartment will be a good idea, especially if you are short on a budget. Rent typically ranges from at least $760 up to thousands of dollars. And that still depends on the size and location of the place.

Manufactured homes for sale monthly fees cost way more than that. However, buying a manufactured home for yourself as early as possible is a great investment. Plus, you can still afford a manufactured home through a mortgage where you can buy a property through monthly payments similar to rent.


In choosing the perfect home to stay in, always consider the space you want and need. Yes, manufactured homes for sale may have way more space than an apartment can offer but do you need that much space?

Apartments are simple yet convenient. It is a perfect space for people looking for a simple place to stay while saving up for their future. Manufactured homes are perfect for a family- or a couple looking forward to building one.


When it comes to safety, there’s no competition in between. Buying a house can give you the advantage and install the home security system that you desire or another. You can do that with your apartment as well. 

Additionally, an apartment complex offers its community security system. An apartment complex has full CCTV and a security guard at the entrance and exit of the building.


One of the major reasons we move out from our home is to be nearer to a place like a university. So, accessibility is the first thing we consider before moving to a new place.

Is it near to my work? University? Is it accessible to the nearest landmark? Is the community pleasant? Things like that.

In an urban area, even if you’re looking for a manufactured home for sale, the best choice you can have an apartment complex. Apartments are way more affordable and easier to find offers than a house.


When it comes to efficient home maintenance- renting an apartment might lead the competition. When renting an apartment, you have a landlord who can take care of the house. It can save you quite a lot of money. And if you bought your own home, you take care of all the maintenance yourself. You have to fix the pipe, and sewage, shovel snow, and basically, you’ll do every maintenance by yourself.


Some apartments for rent come with different amenities. Such as a gym, pool, and laundry room, and some even have an inside convenience store. It may sound efficient and worthy of your money, but you also have to consider that everything is not yours- you have to share it with every tenant in the building. However, when you bought a manufactured home under your name, you can simply build your pool, gym, and everything is all yours.


Overall, manufactured homes and apartments have their pros and cons. The only way to choose a home is to consider all the factors mentioned. Consider your financial status, needs, and wants, and you will find the best house. Check out this Apartments for rent in Wichita. If not, create the perfect home for you.

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