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In this article, we have shared the information on the ‘ September 10 1980 Ajax’ muder case cause and verdict. To keep recent updates, follow our blog.

Hello, readers; in this article, we are going to discuss a murder incident that took place in Joel Elias Spingarn High School, United States, and we will also throw a light on the cause of Spingarn High School getting closed permanently, a few years after the case.

Do you know that people on twitter from all countries are tweeting about September 10 1980 Ajax case because a similar case related to a muder of a class 12th boy by his major friend happened in Scarborough High School, Canada on February, 22, 2022?

The summary of the case –

The news is about connecting two cases. Both cases are similar in nature. A teenage boy was killed by his major male friend inside the school.

It was the month of february, 2022, when people from all over the world started tweeting about the Jahiem Robinson muder case which reminded the public about an old similar incidentAjax Murdered 1980.  Let’s go in detail to understand the actual cause of death. 

Adrian Precia whose nickname was Ajax used to study at Spingarn High School, America. One day, Ajax and one of his classmates got involved in a gun exchanging game. During that activity, Ajax’s classmate Michael Joseph pulled the trigger of that small-caliber pistol despite his denial. And a fourteen years old boy died of a gunshot. 

Actually, it was common for staff to carry guns in that school, at that time, for safety purposes. That’s why the police said that September 10 1980 Ajax murder was just an accident, but later on, Ajax’s friends revealed a harsh truth about the incident and said that it happened because of the unintentional capturing of Ajax. It was also disclosed that Michael Joseph had a harmful weapon with him. 

The response of School Management –

When the murder occurred, the school authority said that they were not expecting that this would happen. And later, the management called the police to investigate this matter and supported the family of Ajax during the entire process. 

Findings of Investigation on September 10 1980 Ajax

The local people of california thought that September 10 1980 was pre-planned, but police and management found no proof after going into the depth of the matter. 

FAQs – 

Q.1 Why did Spingarn High School get closed?

A.1 It got closed because people didn’t prefer to send their children there. Children were afraid of this incident. The decline in enrollment is the reason for shutting down the school. 

Q.2 Had such a horrific incident happened in that school before?

A.3 This was the first case of muder in school in the District. 

The Final Verdict – 

The court held the culprit guilty in the September 10 1980 Ajax muder case, and it was also held that this was merely a sudden act. For more information, Check – 

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