Scam {April 2022} Beware And Learn Truth!


This post entails crucial information about Scam to alert and help people from getting phished and alert them for staying away from it.

Are you a receiver of text messages from Shuntness? It is an online platform that sends messages to individuals with a link attached.People from the United States and other global areas received thesetexts. They urged them tapping on the link given and complete the details, such as financial, personal, and other information.

But, you must check if Scam before clicking on any link attached or dealing with this online platform.

Is there a message sent from Shuntness?

Many individuals recently received a message from Shuntness with a link included. But, it would help if you were careful since many phishing sites scam people very often.

You must also contact your local and banking authorities for such messages to receive instant assistance, as it may steal or hack your details. Have you got a link in a message from Shuntness? Are you confused about its legitimacy or trustworthiness? We will help you out know about Shuntness.

Is Scam?

Many scam websites often emerge to scam people and steal their crucial data. To help people to learn the trustworthiness of an online platform, we have gathered the following information:

  • Shuntness has no social media appearance.
  • The domain of Shuntness was created on April 4, 2022.
  • It is the only four-day-old online platform.
  • Shuntness has no social media appearance.
  • Its ranking and trust score are not available due to the error on its online platform.
  • While opening the website of Shuntness, it warns about safety hazards.

Therefore, all the details indicate clearly that Scam.

What to do when receiving messages from Shuntness?

Shuntness sends text messages with links to many people and urges them to provide their details, such as personal, financial, or bank details.

The scam messages indicate to tap on the given link that directs to the online platform of Shuntness. Once you are on Shuntness’s website, it will prompt you to fill up the details in the given sections.

This information may contain your bank details, name, address, date of birth, or other personal and banking information.

But it may be malware, spyware, or virus. So, please stay away from filling up such details, as it may be a Scam.

How to prevent the scam from Shuntness?

The ideal way to prevent scams or phishing links and messages is not to open them and delete them immediately.

If applicable, you must block the sender to avoid further scam messages. Also, inform the associated officials and help yourself from getting trapped.

Also, read How To Avoid A Scam.


Are you a victim of Shuntness? If you get messages from Shuntness, you need to inform authorities as it will help you and other individuals be aware.

It will also educate them about being conscious while getting messages from unknown sites, as was through Scam.

Read here about 5-steps to avoid scam links. Leave a remark at the end if you got a message with a hyperlink from the online platform of Shuntness.

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