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Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Smmadda .com Instagram Followers to understand its services and deals.

Smmadda.com is a social media marketing website that facilitates increasing followers, likes, comments, mentions, DM, Etc. Did you know why Smmadda is popular in India and Pakistan? What are its packages for Instagram and YouTube platforms? Let’s explore more details in this write-up about Smmadda .com Instagram Followers.

About Smmadda.com Instagram Followers:

Smmadda.com features different packages for Instagram by which users can increase their followers, likes, comments, Etc. It helps to boost the popularity of Instagram digital content creators. Proper use of Smmadda.com services can make you a social media influencer. Smmadda.com offers 21 Instagram packages, which also include verified accounts. All rates are based on 1000 instances as per given rate. 

Instagram Packages:

  • Instagram Lifetime Followers: three packages between Rs.59 to Rs.149
  • Active Followers: two deals between Rs.800 to Rs.900,
  • Followers 30-60 Refill/recharge: One package of Rs.43,
  • The user needs to sign-up with his email for Smmadda com Login and for buying these deals.
  • Likes: Four deals between Rs.3.8 to Rs.8,
  • Reel Views: Two deals between Rs.6.2 to Rs.6.9,
  • Reels Service: four packages between Rs.6 to Rs.349,
  • Comments: Five deals between Rs.65 to Rs.186,
  • IGTV Others: three deals between Rs.15.71 to Rs.35.34,
  • Direct Message: One package of Rs.975.25,
  • Data Scraper: Six packages of Rs.216.79,
  • Story View: Three packages between Rs.18 to Rs.28.28,
  • Story Impressions: One package of 37.7,
  • Story Others: Seven packages from Rs.45.16 to 6419.32,
  • Live Services: Seven packages from Rs.34.71 to 2389.48,
  • Mention: Four deals from Rs.379 to Rs.359,
  • Statistics: Six packages between Rs.3.36 to Rs.54.95,
  • Reach: One deal or Rs.0.6.

Smmadda .com Instagram Followers from verified account: includes nine deals between Rs.99 to Rs.4199.

Comments from verified account: offers 11 packages from Rs.99 to 243281.49.

Likes from verified accounts: three packages between Rs.19 to Rs.177.08

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Smmadda.com YouTube packages:

You may know that YouTube requires 4K subscribers and 1,000 Hrs of watch time to get paid. Smmadda’s packages not only help to achieve huge subscriptions but also to achieve watch time.

  • YouTube Monetization Package: two packages of Rs.6999 and Rs.7499
  • YouTube Monetization Channel: Four packages for 1K views, starting from 116999
  • YouTube Subscriber: six packages to reach up to 10 lakh subscribers, starting from Rs.468 to Rs.2599
  • Smmadda com YouTube Indian Subscribers only: Reach up to one lakh subscribers with a Rs.5320 pack
  • YouTube Watch Time: Four packages from Rs.799 to Rs.2799
  • YouTube non-drop Views: nine packages starting from Rs.149 to Rs.337.62
  • YouTube non-drop Views 50K/day: two packs of Rs.106 and Rs.180
  • YouTube View: two deals between Rs.83.32 to 113.08
  • YouTube View without refill: One deal of Rs.45.16
  • YouTube view high retention: six packages between Rs.162.56 to 462.40
  • YouTube Multi-pack: Two packages of Rs.179 and Rs. 226.10
  • YouTube country target: 17 deals between Rs.278 to Rs.608.40
  • YouTube views Adword: Three packages from Rs.85.5, which is not available in Smmadda .com Instagram Followers package.
  • YouTube views targeting Indian states: 27 deals between Rs.378 to Rs.473
  • YouTube Live stream: Nine packages between Rs.19.87 to Rs.259
  • YouTube Live stream Concurrent Viewers: six packages between 137.85 to Rs.6615.42
  • YouTube Links: Four deals between Rs.62 to Rs.132
  • YouTube shorts: One package of Rs.134
  • YouTube Dislikes: One pack of Rs.189435.05
  • YouTube comment only: Two packages of Rs.500.99 and 797.56
  • YouTube comments like: One deal of Rs.120.82

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Smmadda.com gained an average of 58.1% business, 87% trust, and 28% suspicion scores. No individual customer acknowledged receiving reliable services of Smmadda .com Instagram Followers. One YouTube review and two website reviews about Smmadda.com were neutral. There were no reviews and ratings posted by customers about Smmadda.com. Further, Smmadda.com offered services to verified and non-verified individuals. Hence, Smmadda.com is not completely legitimate.

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