Starbucks Small Medium Large Scam {June} Explore Truth!

Latest News Starbucks Small Medium Large Scam

Read details of Starbucks Small Medium Large Scam that made a piece of news on social media about the quantity of coffee offered by Starbucks.

Did you come across a video on YouTube on 30th May 2022 with the title ‘Starbucks coffee cup size scam’, viewed by more than 16,321 Worldwide, received 101 likes and 60 comments? Some believed it to be true; some rejected the claims, others informed that the cups might have been replaced, etc.

So, let’s find out the truth about Starbucks Small Medium Large Scam.

About Starbucks Scam:

The internet is flooded with news related to Starbucks scamming its customers by giving the same amount of coffee irrespective of the size of the coffee glasses. But, the news turned out to be false as it is an old prank/joke on the internet that was also made viral for McDonald’s beverage glass sizes.

Experimenting at Starbucks store:

  • Several customers ( checked the quantity of liquid by repeating the same experiment at the Starbucks store. The customers were able to find that the size and quantity of small, medium and large glasses differed.

Is Starbucks Coffee Scam True?

  • A video from 31st May 2019, which had more than 73,708 views (, showed the amount of ice that was added to large size glass left little space for coffee to be added. Hence, the YouTuber recommended taking ice separately to get more quantity of actual coffee. 
  • This video makes us understand that the sizes of glasses ACTUALLY differ, and there is no scam involved.

Why is the video fake?

Let’s discuss three reasons why the claims made in the video ( are false:

  1. Firstly, the video showed three glasses of 12-ounces, 16-ounces and 20-ounces. But, the YouTuber did not measure the liquid to clarify on Starbucks Small Medium Large Scam with the help of a glass container having markings on it. The quantity of each glass should have been measured in a measuring beaker. 
  2. Secondly, the difference in quantity between 12-ounces to 16-ounces and 20-ounces is just 4-ounces ( This difference can be covered easily if the thickness of the glasses is increased from top to bottom. The YouTube video showed the 16-ounces and 20-ounces glass having more thickness, covering the space required for 4 to 8-ounces of coffee.
  3. Thirdly, the depth of the glasses could be falsifying and disproving Starbucks Small Medium Large Scam. The exact depth cannot be determined in the video. Hence, the YouTuber should have used a ruler to show the outer length of the glass and then the inner length of the glass. 


Viewers found such videos recommend buying a small glass of beverage from Starbucks. However, the intention behind posting such videos on social media is unknown. We do not support, endorse (or) criticize any such videos (or) brands. We are only providing information to readers from various sources on the internet. Hence, as an intelligent customer, we leave the judgement up to you.

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