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Sweet Savannah Boutique Thomasville NC is a store, but the shop and owner seem to be in trouble after the owner made some remark. Here is the detailed news.

Do you stay in Thomasville, United States? Have you been to a boutique store named Sweet Savannah? Have you purchased any items from there? Do you want to know why the owner of this store is viral these days? 

You can see her viral everywhere, from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. But, after she went viral for negative comments, people started reacting and giving their opinion. So, let us discuss everything in the Sweet Savannah Boutique Thomasville NCpost.

What is the trending news related to Sweet Savannah Boutique?

The owner of the boutique shop, located in Thomasville, went viral on TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook for her comment about Mexican people. On 27 June 2022, Holly Weaver Smith posted a video on Facebook live stating some negative comments after returning from a trip to Mexico.

As per sources, not only this, she continued disrespecting Mexican people in a minute video. After watching the video, comments flooded saying she was rude, and unprofessional, to boycott her business. Please note that these details are based on the web. We are not personally blaming anyone.

Sweet Savannah Boutique Google Reviews:

Although the Google Reviews are missing for this store, the shop owner is now all over the social media. But unfortunately, her racist comment about Mexicans sets her shop Sweet Savannah Boutique in trouble.

Also, comments on her official Facebook business page are filled with boycotting the store. All users request not to buy anything from this place. It is not the first time she has made such a racist comment. We have found a 23 June 2022 post on the official Sweet Savannah Boutique Facebook page where a buyer name Alessandra Sosa said not to buy this place as the owner said they do not allow an ugly enchilada.

Sweet Savannah Boutique Thomasville NC

Sweet Savannah Boutique has caught the attention of young people for its collection. The boutique is located in Davidson County, North Carolina. The complete address is 8275 S NC Hwy 109, Suite 108, Thomasville, NC 27360, USA.

The boutique has a collection of clothing, home items, and accessories for women, kids, and plus-size people. Moreover, the store also has collections from unique brands like Myra, Simply Southern, Hey Dude and more.

The shop remains closed on Monday and Sunday, and rest days remain open from 10 am to 7 pm. The shop Sweet Savannah Boutique Thomasville NC is also listed in fabric, silk fabric, and cotton fabric retailers.

Some recent comments on the official Facebook page:

One FB user writes not a professional and lacks moral. Another user writes definitely will not recommend this store. Don’t waste money and time on such a store whose owner goes to some place, enjoys vacation and discriminates against the same place, another user said.


Holly Weaver Smith, the owner of Sweet Savannah Boutique in Thomasville, is trending for her racist comment. Whatever comment she has made is unacceptable for any community. You can click here to watch the video of the boutique owner. 

Do you find the post on Sweet Savannah Boutique Thomasville NChelpful? Also, comment and tell your experiences with this shop.

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