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The following research on Switchblade Drone Cost will guide you on the price of a single drone and how many drones are sent to Ukraine by the US.

The Ukraine-Russia war is still in the limelight. Many countries are supporting Ukraine in this fight. You might have heard about the latest update on the US sending Switchblade drones to Ukraine. Many people in the United States and Canada are searching about Switchblade Drone Cost

Today’s post concerns the details regarding this loitering missile. Please refer to this post to learn about its features, price, and uses.

Why is Switchblade in the limelight?

We all are aware of the Russia-Ukraine war. The war has not ended yet, and Ukraine being an inferior country in terms of quantity of weapons and military, is facing a lot of difficulties. The US has sent Switchblade Drone to give a competitive fight to Russia to support Ukraine. After this people want to know about its price details. So, here we are sharing these details so that readers can find all the necessary information on one page. 

Switchblade Drone Price

The AeroVironment designed a loitering missile and is mainly used in war situations. The model comes in two variants: Switchblade 300 and Switchblade 600. Switchblade 300 is the oldest variant discovered in 2011, while another anti-variant launched, Switchblade 600, in 2020. 

If we talk about the estimated price of the older version, that is Switchblade 300; the estimated cost is US$6000. These drones are special missiles having cameras, explosives, and guidance systems. The US sent two Switchblade Drones to help Ukraine. Now, many readers might want to know how much it will cost the US, so we have shared details ahead.

How much Switchblade Drone Cost to the US?

Many news sources have confirmed that the US has provided at least a hundred missile drones (Switchblade Drones) to Ukraine. As we have informed you all about the estimated price of one drone, which is $6000, the readers want to know about the cost borne by the US government of hundred Switchblade Drones. These weapons will cost more than $600,000. It is approximated data; it could be more than this. 

How does this drone work?

The Switchblade Drones are single-used weapons. Unlike the US Reaper Drones, which are costly and can be used many times, these drones are cheaper. According to information gathered on Switchblade Drone Cost, the missile takes minimum time to set, and the missiles are launched through tubes and are programmed to the targets. The Switchblade 600 can fly for at least forty minutes and up to fifty miles. These Switchblade Drones are faster than the Ukrainian Drones.


Summing up here, we researched a lot on the Switchblade and how it works; the readers can also collect information on the price details of each drone and how many drones the US has provided in the war to Ukraine. Please check the link below to know more details about Switchblade Drones.

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