Invest in All Terrain Electric Scooters Than a Car – Why?

Complete Information About Invest in All Terrain Electric Scooters Than a Car - Why

If you live in cities across the country, you have probably noticed the increasing popularity of people on electric scooters. With the traffic these days, it’s easy to understand the choice of whizzing on a motorized scooter to your desired location over sitting in frustrating traffic jams.

Electric mobility is unlocking a revolution of an environmentally friendly and cheaper alternative to commuting, and the wave is consistently shaking the automobile industry. Electric scooters are easier to ride, more efficient, and often faster than driving a car, especially in rush-hour traffic. However, with each mode of transportation’s pros and cons, people can often debate investing in all terrain electric scooters or a car.

What is The All Terrain Electric Scooter

As electric scooters are growing in popularity among city commuters, adventure-seekers and all terrain enthusiasts aren’t left out. Even while manufacturers design most e-scooters with specifications to take on a variety of terrains, the dual motor electric scooters have high-performing features for better, smoother, faster, and safer rides. 

Compared to the standard all terrain electric scooter focusing solely on city rides, these options have more range, speed, power, and durability to conquer various terrains. Their versatility ranges from steep hills to easy scaling through rocky roads. The all terrain electric scooters are great for smooth city street rides and rougher terrains, often making them a preferred choice to the standard commuter scooters and other vehicles, including cars. 

All Terrain Electric Scooter Cost VS. Car

The efficiency of the all terrain electric scooters often puts them on par as alternatives to driving a car to work or taking public transportation. This innovation is already becoming one of the most common replacements for gas-powered engines. While not all commuter scooters can be electric scooter adult daily adventure driver, all terrain scooters have specific advantages that allow them to handle challenging routes effortlessly. 

Saving money is one of the main push increasing the presence of electric scooters on the market. While it’s tempting to analyze the cost of long range electric scooters and cars based on the upfront cost, there are more categories to explore. 

Initial purchase price

Several e scooter models range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on your needs. The upfront cost of getting the Varla Eagle One Dual Motor Electric Scooter is $1700. On the other hand, buying a luxury car can cost about twenty to forty thousand dollars, which is a lot of money. Investing in a dual motor electric scooter instead of buying a car can save you tens of thousands. But, it’s advisable to research and be sure of what the escooter model can offer. 

Car insurance cost

Anyone who owns a car understands the importance of having car insurance. But the bills can amount to a few hundred dollars monthly and thousands a year, which may not account for other comprehensive policies like theft. As a lucky car driver who may not need to file a claim, you consistently watch your dollars go down the drain. Even if you file a claim, you often have to pay hundreds of dollars in deductibles. 

It’s advisable and much cheaper to insure your dual motor electric scooter. You will only spend a tenth compared to car insurance costs. The car you rent for a substitute would cause more spending during repairs. Should anything happen to your 40 mph electric scooter, renting can only cost a fraction of car rental costs, yet another win for the all terrain electric scooter. 

Price per mile

Electric scooters rely on charged batteries and can travel several miles, while cars run on gas that costs significantly more. The cost of charging and gas is easy to compare side-by-side once you look at the price of a gallon of gasoline and commercial electricity. The Varla Eagle One, with a 1000W battery, can go as far as 40 miles per hour, and an average of $0.15/charge costs only $0.004/mile on the 40 mph electric scooter. 

The motorized scooter battery with a charging cable and a power source can get up to 1000 charges/battery, which is over 30,000 miles of use over its lifespan. Even at optimum power, it’s still about $0.03/mile. This is much more cost-effective than driving a car and spending $0.15/mile on gas, excluding the additional cost for car owners.


Right from the moment of purchase, an item starts losing its market value, and this depreciation affects both the car and electric scooter. However, the effects are in different measures. Depreciation is the difference between the selling price of an already possed item and how much you newly bought it. It’s a significant factor in the car industry as the selling price of a car can go as far as 50% lower than the initial cost after five years of use. 

All vehicles suffer this fate, including scooters, but the depreciation is much smaller, with escooters costing way less than cars. With proper maintenance, you still have a higher chance of retaining most of the electric scooter’s initial value even after some years of riding, which is another plus. Also, you can repair pimp up your used electric scooter for heavy adults and give it a newer look without spending much. 

Maintenance costs

With the long range electric scooter, you can easily eliminate expensive repairs such as changing tires, clutch repairs, and replacing transmissions and oil. All these costs of repairs, purchase, and upgrades are often necessary to keep gas-powered cars functioning. Even daily and routine checkups can amount to thousands of dollars to the mechanic and equate to the purchasing price of the dual motor electric scooter. Since they only exist for cars, the cost of maintaining the electric scooter for heavy adults can never be that high. Therefore, the escooter wins again on maintenance charges. 

Parking costs

Parking passes are necessary for some people to keep their cars on their work premises. This is an absolute win for electric scooters since you can freely park at a park, on the sidewalk, in the alleyway, or at the store, your home, school, or workplace. The ability to avoid parking fees and tickets for wrong parking is an underrated win for electric scooter for heavy adults. If you consider the hourly parking pass costs, that’s another bill you pay in the hundreds for owning a car. However, it’s important to consider taking safety precautions, such as using a secure lock on your e scooter to avoid theft. 

Invest In Transportation That Fits Your Lifestyle

Deciding between an electric scooter for heavy adults and a car requires several factors play. The choice always falls to the lifestyle and needs of the rider. Most people choose the off road electric scooter for the cost-efficiency and convenience it offers. 

Suppose you factor in the cost of transportation in the US. The Varla Eagle One Dual Motor Electric Scooter offers the best value in getting anywhere without spending too much, especially if you consider a solution to the last mile problem. However, owning a car can also offer an advantage if traveling with family members or passengers. 

Your preferred mode of transportation should add more quality to your lifestyle. The multifunctional Varla Eagle One Pro all terrain Electric Scooter features an ergonomic design to look attractive, making it a perfect choice to suit every style. One must admit the style, power, and ease of use parked in the Varla fast electric scooter that certainly make it the best on today’s market. 


As more people embrace adventurous trips as an essential part of their lives, people’s choice of the all off road electric scooter makes more sense. Even though the initial cost of the fast electric scooter may seem like much, it saves you a lot in the long run. Whether you plan for a few trips or intend to replace your car, investing in the off road electric scooter can save time and money and get you to your desired location. 

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