The Ghost Of Kiev Died {Mar} What Official Report Says!

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The article on the topic The Ghost of Kiev Died has described the situation in Ukraine and many things.

By today we all must have an idea of what is going on in Ukraine right now. It has been more than six days, and the war has not ended yet. The Russian army is unstoppable. Soldiers and civilians are dying.

People in Australia, Canada, the United States, thePhilippines, and the United Kingdom want to know if The Ghost of Kiev Died?

What Is Happening In Ukraine?

Ukraine is under war against Russia. Russian troops and the army invaded Ukraine on 24th February 2022. Russian forces crossed borders and invaded the Ukrainian from southern, eastern, western, and northern regions. This war was a devastating conflict that rocked the world. 

This marked the beginning of a bloody battle that is seeing no end and has claimed the lives of soldiers, civilians, and the livelihood of millions. However, the damage done to both countries will be immense. The question is, Will Ukrainian forces be able to expel Russian troops from their territory and reestablish control over the region?

The Ghost of Kyiv Dead or Alive? Read this article and know more. 

Who is The Ghost Of Kyiv?

A Ukrainian pilot who has allegedly shot down 10 Russian fighter planes is known as the ghost of Kyiv. The videos and pictures of a Mig 29 fighter plane flying over Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine) had gone viral.

The viral news says that the pilot of Mig 29 is said to have shot down six Russian fighter planes till now. The pilot’s identity is unknown, and there has been no authentication of facts. There are many different articles and news available on this topic on the internet.

The Ghost of Kiev Died 

Some news articles claim that the pilot of Mig 29, who went viral as the ghost of Kyiv, has died in the war. But no official announcement has been made in this regard from the Ukraine government. 

The Ukraine government has said that if the news of a pilot shooting down five or more enemy fighter jets is accurate, then he will be awarded as the 21st century’s ace fighter.  

Till 27th February 2022, he has said to have shot down 10 Russian fighter planes. People are still searching for him or any news regarding him on the internet as “The Ghost of Kiev Died.”

Some pictures of dead soldiers and crashed-down Ukrainian fighter jets are circulating online. But it is difficult to say whether the images are original or fake.


The Russian invasion of Ukraine or the war is not slowing down. Some news of peace talk and meetings were there, but nothing seemed to be working. People are still suffering, dying of war, hunger and whatnot. According to some news articles, the ghost of Kyiv has fallen (dead). But, the same is not confirmed yet.

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