Top 7 Cannabis-Friendly Cities in the World

Top 7 Cannabis-Friendly Cities in the World

Top 7 Cannabis-Friendly World Cities: Stoners don’t always sit at home, smoking their bongs or blunts on a couch. Counter to what a lazy stoner stereotype might say, weed fans are active people living a full life. Thus, if you’re planning a journey abroad soon, it’s worth choosing a country and city where your stoner preferences can be met along with the accommodation and cuisine tastes. 

To help you out, we’ve made a list of the top 7 stoner destinations worth visiting this year. Apart from an exquisite travel experience and numerous tourist highlights, you’re sure to enjoy top-quality weed in unusual places. 

#1 Chicago 

Chicago has recently joined the list of cannabis-friendly U.S. cities. Since January 1, 2020, adults aged over 21 can possess, use, and purchase cannabis without legal limitations. The permitted dose is 30 grams in possession (which is almost an ounce). As for edibles with cannabis infusion, the dosage can reach 500 mg of THC. The city’s visitors (non-residents of the state) are allowed to possess half of these amounts. 


#2 Amsterdam 

Whenever one thinks about cannabis-friendliness, Amsterdam is surely the first city coming to mind. It’s a celebration of the weed culture, with marijuana-infused products selling at every corner. Here, you’re really spoilt for choice and can try anything, from a delicious Cherry Pie strain to something more serious. 

Amsterdam has been the mecca of all stoners for many decades. It was a safe haven for weed fans even in the periods of strong prohibition in all other parts of the world; probably that’s why it’s loved so dearly by all people favoring marijuana over other recreational substances or medications. 


Cannabis is fully legal in Amsterdam, so you’ll hardly experience any trouble eating a canna-cookie in a nearby coffee shop or choosing among hundreds of strains in one of the numerous dispensaries. Let the weed party begin! 

#3 Las Vegas 

Las Vegas is a place for unlimited fun and endless partying. So, having a joint in this holiday atmosphere is an extra indulgence. In Nevada, adults can legally carry and consume an ounce of weed, and even recreational consumption in public is legal, though only in licensed clubs. The city is cultivating the weed culture, and a cannabis museum is about to open here soon, welcoming all weed fans. Once you start planning a trip to Las Vegas, put those clubs and top-quality local dispensaries on your map to make your travel more enjoyable. 

Las Vegas 

#4 Montevideo 

Uruguay is a warm, welcoming country of Latin America that will leave no tourist indifferent, and Montevideo, as its capital, has much on offer. Moreover, it’s one of the first states to legalize marijuana globally, which can be a serious argument for stoners. Since 2014, the country’s residents were officially allowed to grow six weed plants at home. Officially, weed can’t be sold to the country’s visitors. However, stoners who visited Uruguay confide that locals share their harvest without a problem. So, as a tourist, you will hardly experience any trouble finding top-quality weed for a relaxing or uplifting experience. 


#5 Vancouver 

Canada has progressed much farther on the path of legalization than the USA. Thus, many stoner tourists prefer Vancouver as a close and cannabis-friendly travel destination. They don’t take risks otherwise present in exotic countries, receiving the same level of service and a similar culture in the Canadian cities. More than that, the numerous Vancouver dispensaries are open for American buyers, as medical and recreational weed use is fully legal here. 


If you’re looking for an authentic stoner experience in this destination, we recommend trying New Amsterdam Café and Blunt Bros during your next trip to Vancouver. These clubs have managed to create a unique cannabis atmosphere that will make your vacation truly memorable. 

#6 Nimbin 

This city is an unofficial “cannabis capital of Australia“; at least, it claims to meet all requirements for such a title. So, if you’re a stoner nostalgic for the hippy culture of the 1960s, Nimbin will be your dream destination to visit. It works as a time machine for everyone wishing to return to the reckless, free streets filled with smoke shops and ‘flower-power’ signs. Nimbin will give you an exclusive cannabis spirit that will stay with you for months. 


#7 Kingston

There’s hardly any stoner who hasn’t associated weed with Bob Marley’s image, reggae, or Jamaica. Jamaica has always been a weed-friendly state, but things got more straightforward after the official decriminalization of weed in 2015. 

Now that you’re planning a trip, maybe it’s time to visit Bob Marley’s homeland? 


Since then, residents and visitors can buy weed in many places across Kingston. It’s not yet popularized in coffee shops or licensed clubs, and the number of dispensaries leaves much to be desired. Yet, many hospitable locals will be pleased to sell you some pot on the beach. 

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