Ukraine Airbnb Scam {March} Incident Detail, Public View

Latest News Ukraine Airbnb Scam

This article describes the spamming made online taking advantage of Airbnb’s support for the Ukrainian hosts. Read more details about the Ukraine Airbnb Scam.

Are you interested to know about the recent spamming activities happening recently, taking advantage of people’s kind hearts to help and support the affected Ukrainian hosts? If yes, keep reading this article till the end to know more details.

People from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Irelandcame forward with a brilliant idea to fund the Ukrainian hosts of a famous American lodging platform. The Ukrainian hosts are severely suffering due to the current war. Learn more on the Ukraine Airbnb Scam.

Airbnb on Ukraine War

After the invasion of Russia into Ukrainian soil, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky came forward publicly supporting the western nations supporting Ukraine against the Russian attack.

 Brian Chesky also suspended all the Airbnb operations conducted in Belarus and Russia to display his disagreement against the war. In addition to these actions, Brian also offered around one lakh housing aid for the refugees for a shorter time duration.

Airbnb’s support gained massive popularity, and people started supporting its initiative contributing to the Ukrainian hosts through Airbnb. Read about the Air B And B Ukraine Scam.

Public’s Reaction

  • The incident became famous as most people started posting about their bookings on Airbnb.
  • Social media platforms and influencers took this noble cause to the next level by promoting the good cause behind funding the war-affected hosts.
  • A Dallas resident booked rooms for a Ukrainian host through Airbnb without staying.
  • Another user booked a rental in Kyiv as part of a noble cause.
  • Individuals from various parts of the world took the initiative to contribute to the funding.
  • A Spanish citizen received thanking message from the host for her valuable contribution.

Ukraine Airbnb Scam

  • Following the actions taken by Airbnb, led by its CEO Brian Chesky, more people started finding the Ukrainian hotel lodge hosts with room bookings through the Airbnb platform.
  • This act of online kindness went viral on various social media platforms, and more people came forward to provide funds through the Airbnb booking facility.
  • Eventually, spammers saw this as an opportunity to spam online users in the name of Airbnb payment.
  • People have cautioned online users about the presence of Russian spammers to conduct fraudulent activities.

More about Airbnb’s Initiative

  • Keeping aside the Airbnb Ukraine Scam,  witnessing people’s kind initiative and massive positive response, Airbnb exempted the Airbnb fees from helping the host avail total booking amount directly. 
  • The fees exemption helped many hosts financially to survive this rough period.
  • Bookings continued to rise with various campaigns through social media platforms.


Providing aid for the hosts affected by the war is an excellent method to help them financially. Still, as an informed internet user, caution must be made to detect spammers and fraudulent websites taking advantage of the situation. To know more, kindly visit.

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