Vic Open Women’s Leaderboard 2022 {Feb} Latest Update!

Latest News Vic Open Women's Leaderboard 2022

This summary is penned down to encourage your enthusiasm about Golf through Vic Open Women’s Leaderboard 2022.

Are you interested in sports? Do you like and get excited about Golf? Are you supporting your favourite player in the Victorian Open? If so, you’re not an alone enthusiast as numerous other people from Australia and the United Kingdom specifically are drooling over this sport. 

Everyone from the Golf population stays for a year for the tournament. If you’re also a fan of Golf, you must be fascinated to comprehend the stance of your performer in the Vic Open Women’s Leaderboard 2022

If you’re not updated regarding this yet, let us help you out further-

What is the Victorian Open? 

The Victorian Open is a final Golf competition carried out in Australia. It was established in 1957 particularly for males. It is operated by Golf Victoria and is a Golf Australia nationwide rating tournament.

The Women’s Victorian Open is a final Golf contest played in Australia. It was organized in 1988 and played regularly through 1992. 

This was the initial period the men’s Victorian Open and women’s Victorian Open were carried out together. 

From then, till now, Vic Open Leaderboard 2022 Ladies is an extraordinarily intriguing thing for everyone. 

What is the Vic Open Championship? 

This title is established to smash all the standards and taboos that distinguish between males and females. It is a Golf crown inaugurated in 1957 and has the most varied and distinctive detail from any other event. 

This event charms men and women equally. And, the Victorian Open Leaderboard can counsel you on the recent condition of the tournament. Let’s get to know about this more. 

Stay tuned with us to know the Vic Open leaderboard in detail.

All About Vic Open Golf 2022 Leaderboard

Every year the contest is organized for the initial duration of February. And, the 2022 edition of the event is recorded from 10th to 13th February. 

Timings of the competition are-

  • 11th February from 7:15 AM to 6:30 pm. 
  • 12th February from 7:15 AM to 7:07 pm. 
  • 13th February from 8:30 AM to 5:30 pm.

Why is this Trending? 

The tournament gives equal opportunity to both men and women. This is quite an extraordinary and fascinating thing. And, on top of it, both experts and learners can contribute to this competition. 

Vic Open Women’s Leaderboard 2022-

The women’s leaderboard of the 2022 tournament is reasonably remarkable. If we emphasize prominently, we will see how South Korea won hearts. All the top 3 roles are invaded by South Korean skilled Golfers. 

The prime responsibility is owned by Park Hee-Young who is 34 years old and has been skilled since 2003. The second spot is carried by Choi Hye-Jin. And, the third position is maintained by Ryu So Yeon. Both of them are remarkable experts in their fields. 

Note: All the information which is mentioned above is based on internet research. 


As a concluding thought, Vic Open Women’s Leaderboard 2022 is showing the lead of South Korean professionals. 

So, all the Golf lovers who were curious about the leaderboard can resolve their interest through this article. Now, you know the positions of your favourite players, so you can enjoy the game completely. 

Apart from this, mention your favourite sport other than Golf.

And, to know more about Vic Open Women, click here-

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