[Updated]Video Cikgu Azmi Twitter: Why Motivator Going Viral on Telegram? Check Details!

Latest News Video Cikgu Azmi Twitter

This post discloses the facts and details related to the Video Cikgu Azmi Twitter, which has recently made rounds on social media platforms.

Do you know Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid, also known as Cikgu Azmi? Recently, Cikgu Azmi’s name has received significant attention from the public as it is claimed that his viral video is present on social media. People from Malaysia instantly got curious and wanted to learn more about the incident. 

Let us check further facts about the viral Video Cikgu Azmi Twitter and his life details, including professional and personal aspects. Follow the article for more knowledge. 

Disclaimer: We do not write this post to support any links or person. This post is for the reader’s informative purposes based on internet sources. 

What is the viral video of Cikgu Azmi?

During this period, not all it needs for a rumor or controversy for a person to go viral which is true at all times. The same has to do with Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid, who has become a topic of conversation among users. Neithzens also claimed that the telegram video of Cikgu Azmi is found, but the Cikgu Azmi Viral Telegram clip is unavailable. 

Several sites claimed that an indecent viral video of Azmi is present in the public domain, but it is nowhere to be found. Know more through the links below for reference. 

Why is the video in the limelight recently online? 

The keyword Cikgu Azmi Video is trending on different online platforms, but none specify the details. Instead, it shows other gaming and animated videos posted by streamers. More than that,  Azmi have not been involved in any controversy or viral video escapades until now. The lack of information provides further backing to the theory. One or two streamers tagged Video Cikgu Azmi on Twitter in their videos, but they are unrelated to the educator. 

Cikgu Azmi Biography:

  • Name : Mohd Azmi Bin Abdul Hamid
  • Age: 65
  • Birthplace: Terengganu.
  • Profession: Social activist and philanthropist. 
  • Birth Date: 3rd September 1958
  • Children: 5
  • Wife : Masadah Sajadi
  • Nationality: Malaysian. 

Who is Cikgu Azmi?

Mohd Azmi Bin Abdul Hamid, called Cikgu Azmi, is a famous personality in Malaysia who is constantly broadening his reach as an activist and philanthropist. Azmi is the current president of MAPIM (Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations of Malaysia). He fights for the oppressed Muslims in Syria, Palestine, Kashmir, Uyghur, Rohingya, etc. 

Therefore, Cikgu Azmi Motivator is a prominent word for him as he is respected deeply by the people. 

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Cikgu Azmi: Career History 

Azmi is involved in several kinds of work from time to time, as he is referred to as a teacher and educator since he established an educational institution. He also works with NGOs and is a regional Chairman of the Islamic Youth Organization in Malaysia. 

Azmi is active as the head of CAP, a body that works for Consumer education in terms of food and nutrition. Abdul Hamid also wrote several pious books to inform the public about Politics, Culture, and Consumer food education. 

Mohd Azmi Bin Abdul Hamid: Personal life 

After the Video, Cikgu Azmi’s Twitter became known. The public got curious about him and started searching for his life history online. As per our research, Abdul Hamid Azmi is 65, an old Muslim man married to Masadah Sajadi with 5 children. 

Social media accounts:

Final Thoughts! 

The news source is still unknown, but all the claims about the viral video are found to be false. We advise the readers to stay informed and not encourage the spread of false news and misinformation. 

Have you watched the viral video? Please tell us in the comments box. 

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