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Photographs, Video de chuy montana asesinado Twitter, The stunning pictures of the artist Chuy Montana being hijacked on record and afterward the photograph of his dormant body bound, flowing on Twitter, stunned Mexico toward the beginning of February 2023. The young fellow narcocorrido entertainer, scarcely 20 years of age, had been found virally months prior on account of clasps of him rapping his own verses at the Tijuana line door. His homicide, which happened similarly as his profession was taking off, ignited calls for equity under the hashtag #JusticiaParaChuy Montana. Be that as it may, in a country with in excess of 100 performers executed last year on account of medication dealers, exemption is generally the standard.

Photographs and recordings of Chuy Montana prior to being killed

The vocalist Jesús Norberto Cárdenas Velázquez, masterfully known as Chuy Montana, had become famous as of late on account of strong recordings playing out his own corridos tumbados tunes that flowed on informal organizations. In perhaps of the most popular clasp, with great many perspectives, he was seen singing tunes like “Porte de Scarface” at the San Ysidro line designated spot, joined simply by a companion with guitars. His self-trained ability and magnetism before the camera charmed the consideration of numerous Web clients.

One more video generally shared on Twitter and Instagram was his ad libbed tryout before Jesús Ortiz, singer of the gathering Fuerza Regida, who was passing by the designated spot and chose to pay attention to the young fellow subsequent to seeing his imaginative presentation. In the pictures you can see Chuy Montana’s astonishment and feeling while, in the wake of singing his corridos, he accepts Ortiz’s proposal to join the Road Horde Records mark. “It’s a stick structure by myself,” he gladly answers when inquired as to whether he composed the verses himself.

Employed by record name thanks to viral video

The episode that shot the notoriety of Jesús Norberto Cárdenas, “Chuy Montana”, happened in 2022 when the singer of the Fuerza Regida bunch, Jesús Ortiz, was going through the San Ysidro line designated spot and heard the young fellow singing corridos tumbados joined by a companion. Ortiz requested that she go to his truck to ask him for a customized translation, a second that was recorded on record and later became a web sensation on informal communities as an indication of the disclosure of a special ability from the roads.

In the clasp you can see when Chuy Montana, with obvious anxiety yet in addition trust in his ability, sings his tune “Porte de Scarface” before the vehicle window, which would later become one of his hymns. Ortiz is dazzled with the kid’s voice, magnetism and verses, so minutes after the fact he makes the proposition to coordinate him into the inventory of his record name, Road Crowd Records. The video shows the young fellow’s fervor after discovering that a famous figure like Ortiz needed to support his melodic profession.

Grabbing and murder caught on record

On February 7, Jesús Cárdenas, 20 years of age, was going along the Playas de Rosarito-Tijuana thruway, in Baja California, when he was blocked by an equipped commando who effectively put him into a vehicle, as per specialists. neighborhood. Hours after the fact, his body was tracked down inert out and about, with various shot injuries and indications of viciousness, it were cuffed despite his good faith to incorporate that his hands.

Media in the space broadcast a video from thruway observation cameras showing the second in which three subjects escape a truck and stifle Video de chuy montana asesinado Twitter to compel him to board said vehicle. In the pictures, a battle is seen with respect to the casualty attempting to free himself before his detainers at last figure out how to control him and put him in the vehicle in which they take him to an obscure heading to later deny him of his life. The video caused extraordinary anger among the performer’s adherents.

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