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In this post, we discuss the W2S a social media celebrity’s dog, and you will also know W2s Dog Breed

Do you consider yourself a dog lover and believe that dogs are one of the best pets animals? Then this post is for you. In this post, we discuss a breed that is one of the cutest and most loyal. 

Dogs are the centre of attraction for any household, and people love hanging around and playing with dogs. The dog breed we are discussing is known as W2S, which is getting popular in Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Sweden, United States, Canada and worldwide love these dogs.

Let us discuss more W2s Dog Breed further in this post. 

Dog Breed 

Most people are curious about the dog breed of W2S because he show-offs his dog multiple times on social media or while creating content. The dog is one of the cutest parts of Harry’s content. He has a huge following on social media platforms.

 The breed of their dog, Harry, is Havanese, and he takes care of his dog very modestly, as he has mentioned in his videos. The dog has its Instagram account dedicated to him, where harry posts photos of Herbert and the social media handles of the Wroetoshaw Dog have a considerable fanbase and followers.

What is W2S? 

It is not exactly a dog breed. We can call it an online identity or name of the online persona of Harry Christopher George Lewis. Harry is a 25 years old content creator born on 26th November 1994, and he is very popular worldwide. 

You might know him by the nickname “wroetoshaw”. He got his fame from being part of the Sidemen group channel on youtube. He got to be known individually because he also uploads his content on that channel. He also has a dog named Herbert which he calls Herb by the nickname.

What Breed Is W2s Dog? 

  • The dog’s Instagram handle, Herbert, is @herbontour, where harry post regular content about him, short videos, and photos.
  • Herbert has thousands of followers on his social media platforms.
  • Herbert used to live with Callus, Harry, and Calfreezy in their Stanford halo apartment in the year 2019.
  • After moving out of the apartment, Harry moved with Harry to Guernsey, where he lived with his parents.
  • Herbert frequently appears in the different videos of Harry, Callus and Calfreezy.
  • The Herb W2s Dog Breed is Havaneese. 

Conclusion – 

There are a lot of cute dogs you might have seen on the internet, but Herbert is a little different, and he is little and different. Herbert is one of the cutest dogs you will see. If you have seen him, you might know what we are talking about.

But, if you haven’t seen him click here to check out his social handle

Have you known about Herbert before reading this post? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, do share this W2s Dog Breed post to inform others.

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