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This article answers Watch The Water What Is It About, a viral documentary that is gaining attention.

Do you enjoy watching documentaries to gain information about events and other things? A documentary or a film that was recently released is gaining some traction, and users are quite interested in knowing more details. “Watch The Water” documentary generates some hype because of its contents. Users interested in knowing about this documentary are searching for Watch The Water What Is It About.

Users Worldwide can watch this documentary and learn more about its contents and some of its claims. Keep reading this article if you’re interested in knowing about the same.

What is Watch The Water?

  • As we mentioned earlier, it’s the title of a 47-minute long documentary about the COVID pandemic.
  • The documentary claims that the virus originated from water, hence its title includes ‘water’.
  • The documentary makes various claims about the pandemic that may be somewhat off putting. However, as per the creators they back those claims with evidence, and all the information can be cross-checked.

Where to Watch The Water Documentary Full Video?

Users Worldwide can easily watch this documentary through online sources. This viral documentary is available for online streaming on Rumble. The documentary is available for free; however, there may be a subscription associated with streaming on Rumble. The documentary is easily accessible to all users interested in watching it.

The creator behind Watch The Water

  • This documentary is exclusive to the Stew Peters Networks and is directed by Stew Peters himself.
  • Stew Peters is a journalist who hosted a radio show and has worked on many similar and related projects.

Watch How Do I Look Documentary Online Free

  • ‘How Do I Look’ is a documentary on the ball culture present in Philadelphia and Harlem. 
  • It is documented/directed by Wolfgang Busch. 
  • It was first released in 4th June 2006. 
  • Running time of the show was eighty minutes.

Some claims made in the documentary

The documentary has made many claims that are being hotly debated. Please note that we’re only mentioning the claims and not commenting on their legitimacy.

  • The claims made in this documentary are a topic of extensive discussion.
  • The documentary boldly claims that the pandemic and the coronavirus initially originated from water and its title comes from a QAnon slogan.
  • What Is Watch The Water On Rumble About? It’s mainly about the COVID pandemic.
  • The documentary further made some claims about the creation of COVID vaccines.
  • If you are interested then anyone can easily watch this documentary on Rumble for free.

Final Thoughts                 

A documentary about the COVID pandemic is gaining traction because of its claims. We have mentioned all the details about this documentary above. 

Read more about it here

Where did you first hear about this documentary? Are you interested in watching this trendy documentary? Kindly share your thoughts on our answer to Watch The Water What Is It About in the comments. 

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