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We bring you information about Websites Like Fatal To The Flesh to make you aware of the website’s aim and its functions.

Are you looking for a casual game that will make you spend hours without worrying about achieving and targets or without making an effort to level up? is one such Worldwide website that Rafael Rozendaal developed in 2004. Did you know the aim of Rafael behind creating such a website?

We bring you complete details to understand the concept behind Websites Like Fatal To The Flesh. Please read below to know about

What is is a website that takes you to a blank page. Do not wait for any text (or) content to be loaded, as the blank page is the essence of the website. Generally, website developers try to create content that matches real live situations. But, Rafael started making a website to create content that the computers are good at. 

Rafael knew that computers could create vector images and lines with high accuracy but, a there is nothing like a perfect circle. We will check on Fatal To The Flesh Game information further. Vector images consist of lines drawn from one point to another point on the computer screen. It is a grid that is fixed and scalable. Due to the scalability of the vector images, pages can be browsed on any device. 

Rafael knew that such a concept would not work with drawing circles as no one could draw a perfect circle. Rafael wanted to create web content virtually like liquid (or) gas that can adapt itself to the device it is used on. Rafael did not mention any information about creating as Fataltotheflesh Game to satisfy people’s curiosity inflicting wounds. is a single-page website that does not feature any content.

People who had browsed found that they could use the mouse on their PCs to draw lines on People using touch screen devices could draw lines by using their fingers. The faster you move your mouse (or) finger. The deeper and broader line is formed on the webpage. The lines on the vector grid started appearing in red color, and a form of red color liquid started flowing from those lines. 

Concept of Fatal The Flesh Blood:

The concept was similar to cutting flesh and blood gushing out from the cuts. Due to this concept of, people unintentionally imagined that the website allows people to satisfy their curiosity of inflicting wounds, especially when they are angry, during anxiety (or) when they feel harming themself. 


Surprisingly, many people liked the vector grid as they found it relaxing. At the same time, they imagined cutting flesh and seeing blood gushing interesting, instead of the original concept of vector images to be scalable, adaptable and have the ability to draw lines from one point to another, which the computers are good at. 

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