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This article is about Weddle and is intended to inform all gamers about a new word puzzle that has piqued gamers’ interest. So, check out to know more.

Do you wish to play a Weddle game online? Gamers of the United States and Canada are looking for more games to be played online due to the many new word games.

A new game called Weddle has got introduced, and players worldwide are trying to figure out its site authenticity. If you intend to play, this article on Weddle is excellent for you, and users can find more in-depth information in the blog beneath.

What is Weddle Game?

Weddle is an NFL-themed Wordle version, the latest in a long line of sports-themed Wordle versions. Players have started playing Weddle, the NFL’s newest Wordle, and posting their results on social networks.

The idea behind Weddle’s game com is simple: players have six chances to predict a five-letter phrase. Next, the correct word in the proper spot is indicated by green dots, while yellow squares imply the right word in the wrong position. Lastly, the gray color represents it is the wrong word. 

How to Play on Weddlegames Com?

Check out these instructions before starting the game on the portal to make it easier to play:

  • You must identify the NFL player names in as few tries as feasible.
  • Again for answers, mainly wide players, captains, and offensive linemen will get included.
  • Also, the color of the squares will vary depending on how close your assumption was to the NFL gamer.
  • A hit in any row is shown by the color green.
  • The yellow color in the divisional column represents the right league but not the proper section, and the precise figure is now under 2 inches of the player’s size, gender, and weight.

Is Weddle Legit?

  • Domain Age – The portal Weddle game registered on 21st march 2022, implying it is around 4 days old.
  • Trust Score – The platform Weddle game has a score of 1%. It is a bad score.
  • Alexa Ranking – Since the portal is new, it acquired a poor Alexa score.
  • Portal Name – The game website is dedicated to the proper safety of Eric Weddle, who came back from retirement last year to support the team win the Super Bowl- LVI.
  • Website Review – There seems to be less review for this portal.
  • Portal Interface – The website interface is unique with general UI.

Weddle can get played by the portal address Weddlegames Com. The critical distinction between Weddle and Wordle is that players must identify an NFL player’s name.

Users Experience 

Customer review plays a vital role, and people are happy with the portal working. Players who enjoyed playing Worlde are giving these games a try, and many of them have posted their results on social media sites. 

This website address is the official portal of the Weddle NFL wordle. In this game, the player predicts the name of an NFL player. Since the portal is new, we can’t conclude the site’s legitimacy.


Weddle is the portal address to play the game, and seems average. Weddle, a modern web puzzle game, has attracted many gamers who play it daily due to the numerous tricky NFL player names. NFL Weddle Wordle can irritate you and induce you to attempt as many times as you would like to find the correct answer.  

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