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Have you played the trending Football players Weddle Nfl Wordle yet? Read the article to know more about Weddle.

Are you wondering what the trending Weddle game is? Is it a football game or a guessing game? 

It is a football-based guessing game that has gamers from all over the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and other parts of the world hooked. Here is all about the Weddle Nfl Wordle

The name Weddle is given a mix of Wordle and the NFL safety Eric Weddle

About Weddle.

Weddle is an online football-based guessing game. In this game, you have 8 tries to guess the NFL player; you have to guess the player’s name in as few tries as possible. 

In short, you have to use all the deep and thorough knowledge you have about the National Football league players, their height, teams, age, and many more. Weddle is an excellent way to fangirl on your favorite NFL player and play a game simultaneously.

Where to play Weddle?

  • You can play the game Weddle Nfl Wordle on the Weddle game website.
  • You can play only one Weddle game per day.

Now that you know where to play this exciting game, the next question is how to play it?

How do you play Weddle?

You play this game on the internet. Visit the official website of Weddle. 

  • Try to guess the player in a few attempts
  • Currently, only wide receivers, running backs, quarterbacks, and tight ends are considered for answers.
  • The color of the tiles changes after every guess and indicates how near you are to the answer.
  • Each color in the Weddle represents something.

Visit now and play the Weddle Nfl Wordle game now!

What do the colors denote in Weddle?

  • Green: Green color indicates a match, be it any column.
  • Yellow: If it is in the division column indicates a proper conference, but not the correct division.
  • Suppose you get a yellow color in the height, age, and weight column. In that case, it is an indication that the correct answer is within 2 (inches, years, numbers) of the players.

How are internet users responding to the Weddle?

Weddle is rapidly winning the hearts of netizens. The creator advertised the game through TikTok videos, where it gained popularity. It has received mixed reviews on Twitter. Now, the game players ask for more than one game per day on Weddle.

Weddle Nfl Wordle Benefits.

This game can serve various purposes for you. It is a perfect mix of Football and gaming, also excellent entertainment and time pass.

This game will make sure that your football knowledge is enhanced. Also, by playing this game, you will spend your time on the internet more productively.


Weddle is a Football based guessing game. In this game, the users have to guess the name of the National Football league player from the given hints. Football fans around the world are enjoying the game and loving it!

Here is the game website

If you have played Wordle game before, then you will surely love Weddle Nfl Wordle

Was this article on Weddle informative? Tell us within the comments below about your experience of Weddle.

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