When Does Amber Get Cross Examined: When will the defamation trial end?

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Read about the lawsuit between Johny Depp and Amber Heard in brief, and we will discuss When Does Amber Get Cross Examined.

Are you aware of the updates in the court case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard? The court case between Johny and Amber has recently been the most trending topic on the internet. People Worldwide have been searching for updates on the case and talking about it since it started. 

This $50 million defamation case is based on both sides’ horrific violence accusations. Johnny Depp has done the trial, and now it’s turning for the Amber heard examination. Let us know When Does Amber Get Cross Examined further in this post.

When Will Amber Get Examined?

The exact cross-examination date has not been confirmed, but Amber is likely to testify in the upcoming courtroom session. On May 4, Wednesday, Amber Heard testified for the first time in the high-profile defamation action Johnny Depp has filed against her, crying as she described the first time she believed Depp got abusive toward her.

Amber Heard next testified again for the second day of the defamation case that her ex-husband brought, Depp, he alleges she allegedly claimed that he was abusive. So, to answer your When Does Amber Get Cross Examined on May 16, Heard’s testimony is expected to resume by cross-questioning of Johnny Depp’s legal team.

About the Defamation Lawsuit of Johny and Amber– 

The lawsuit started with Johny Depp filling a $50 million defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard. The trial is currently in a Virginia courtroom in Fairfax country. Depp’s attorneys accused Heard of using physical aggressiveness and hurling things to prevent him from fleeing. On the other hand, Depp’s counsel alleged that Johnny Depp had physically abused Heard numerous times during their relationship, owing to his poor addictions.

Status of Lawsuit: When Will Amber Be Cross Examined– 

The defamation case reached its halfway point on Tuesday, and Heard’s side filed a typical petition for dismissal. They claimed that Depp’s lawyers had failed to prove that Heard had defamed Johny Depp in her 2018 op-ed. Judge Penney Azcarate, however, denied the motion, and the jury will constantly hear arguments before reaching a decision.

Judge Azcarate, on the other hand, has a previously arranged conference engagement from May 9 to 12, putting the proceedings on hold for a week. Next, the jury will be asked to deliberate, which may take hours or even days. If you don’t know When Will The Johnny And Amber Trial End and then trial is now in its fourth week and is expected to run for five weeks.

Final Verdict – 

It will be unfair to come to any conclusion for ourselves, so let us wait for the result of the lawsuit, and we all will know the truth behind it. Click here to get detailed information about the examinations of Amber heard until now. 

What are your thoughts on this lawsuit, and which side are you on? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, share this When Does Amber Get Cross Examined post to inform others. 

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