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This article describes the creative thinking and ideas of online people associated with Christ and modern vehicles. Read on Which Car Did Jesus Drive.

Have you imagined Biblical figures using modern technologies? If yes, keep reading this article about the social media discussions revolving around the concept based on exciting topics.

People Worldwide are discussing random possibilities that would have happened if similar automotive technologies existed during the olden days. People are excited to guess about the religious figures using most modern vehicles. The topic seems to be silly, but it is widely discussed among online users. Read on Which Car Did Jesus Drive.

About Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the major figure of the world’s largest religion, Christianity. According to most biblical scholars, he was born between 6 BC and 4 BC. Jesus was born in the Herodian Kingdom of Judea, which belonged to the Roman Empire.

Jesus’s parents were Joseph and Mary. His teachings are followed by billions of religious followers Worldwide. Famous painters created numerous paintings that depict various stages and events in Jesus’s life. Christmas, which is celebrated on 25th December every year, is one of the most celebrated festivals based on the birth of Christ.

 What Car Did Jesus Drive?

  • There are multiple perspectives among people as there is no actual data that proves the fact about the suggestion made by the people.
  • Some people started discussions that got carried forward by the ones followed, making this topic more viral and trending among major social media platforms.
  • Some people suggest that Jesus wouldn’t drive a Subaru as the car doesn’t suit his personality. People have their imaginary ideas to support their point.
  • Finally, a large portion of the members in the discussion came up with the Honda Accord as the most suitable car for Jesus.

Other Car Suggestions

  • Which Car Did Jesus Drive? The majority of the people finally choose Honda Accord, considering John 12:49 as the basis for their decision making.
  • Even after the Honda Accord, people kept looking for other cars that might be suitable for Jesus.
  • The verse from Psalms 83:15 convinces many community members that cars like Pontiac or Geo also suit the personality of Jesus. This suggestion was the second most popular opinion.
  • The topic seems to be nonsensical, but the way people tried to figure out the solution for the question by reading religious scriptures made it more interesting. Read more on Which Car Did Jesus Drive.
  • Various biblical verses were referred to deeply by the members to arrive at conclusions. The religious verses that resemble the look and performance of the car were chosen.
  • According to Genesis 3:24, many thinkers suggest that Jesus drove Plymouth Fury as the verse resembles that car.
  • Another biblical verse associated with Joshua suggested Jesus drove Triumph’s sports car.


People have a different opinion regarding the car as it varies from person to person. To know more about the topic as mentioned above, please visit.

Have you had an answer for Which Car Did Jesus Drive? If yes, please comment about your thoughts and ideas on this topic.

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