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Can we define you as a web series fan, right? Is it true that you love to watch every Netflix series? Do you know that a new web series has been launched based on crime? Have you watched Inventing Anna? Confused about the relationship with Todd’s wife?

This article will present you with details about the relationship between Todd’s wife and other relevant things. So, people of the United States of America and other countries like Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom are showing their interest to know about Who Plays Todd’s Wife In Inventing Anna. 

Summary of Inventing Anna!

It is a story of a Russian girl who was 16 when she shifted to Germany. Her dad was a truck driver, and her mother was a housewife. Later they started a heating and cooling business. 

After 20 years, she created dirty plans to fool bankers and other people in business and earned millions of American dollars.

Why is this topic trending?

This web series has become popular, and the crime plan was brilliant. People started to watch this series.

Todd Spodek Wife

Todd Spodek was the defense lawyer for Anna Delvey, and he also got married to Victoria. They visited the Philippines for their honeymoon. As the trial went into the courtroom, Margaret, the wife of Todd Spodek, took entry into the courtroom.

According to our investigation Todd’s wife was concerned about the rumoured connection between Anna Spodek and Anna Spodek.

The wedding between Todd with his wife had become complicated because of their relationship with Todd and Anna. This is the beginning of a problem between Todd and his wife.

Who Plays Todd’s Wife In Inventing Anna

Rachel is an ex- Vanity Fair photo researcher who plays the wife of Todd and Anna’s best friend for a long time. 

Their bond is filled with extravagant trips and purchases; however, one trip soon disintegrates their relationship and Anna’s plan.

If there was a single person who could be said to have been most affected by the schemes of Sorokin, It is Rachel DeLoache Williams. 

She claimed that she had been duped out of $62,000 when they had finished their disastrous Moroccan holiday. If you have a question about Is Todd Spodek Still Married?  Then the answer is, “NO”.

Later, Williams then published the story of Anna, which explained their relationship in-depth, but it’s unclear whether the invention of Anna will remove some elements from it.

Final Verdict!

According to our research, Todd Spodek was the defense lawyer for Anna Delvey, and he also got married to Victoria. They stated that they had been dating for a long time before they married. 

Later they find it difficult to manage their relationship due to Anna, but they settle all their ego and become together.

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