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Scroll the article further for more updates on the case of Brittany Griner and briefly discuss the case of Why Is Detained Brittney Griner.

Are you aware of the case of the famous Basketball player? In the past, celebrities related to the acting or music field have been found guilty of connection with the narcotics circle or the deals relating to that. This type of case is commonly found in the United States, Canada and other countries. 

So let us move forward and find out what the whole case of Why Is Detained Brittney Griner is about and what was the case verdict on the matter. Read the article carefully for a better understanding.

Details about the whole scenario 

Brittney has been in police custody since she was caught at the airport in Moscow. During her luggage inspection, she was caught with cannabis oil in her luggage. It all happened on 17h February.

Afterward, she pleaded with the court of being guilty, but she has not intended to break the rules. On 4 August, in the judgment of the court of Russia, she was punished with 9 years of sentence in prison and charged with a 1 million fine. 

Why Is Brittney Griner Wrongfully Detained

The US government and president Joe Biden are not happy with the decision, and he said in a statement that it was because of the situation between the countries that the court was wrongfully blaming Brittany; she should be released immediately so she can be with her friends, family and loved ones. 

Joe Biden has said about the ruling that the decision is not acceptable and it should be taken back immediately. The guardians of the star players stated that she had mistakenly kept the cannabis oil and had no intention to do so. Then Why Is Brittney Griner Being Detained? She should be released. 

About Brittney Griner in brief 

She has been a two-time gold medal winner in the Olympics. Brittney is one of the world’s best players in women’s basketball. She is 31 years of age and has been playing basketball for a long time. Last year in 2021, Brittany was nominated as the best basketball player and 25 other players by the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association). 

Brittney was considered one of the best offensive players in the leagues. She arrived in Russia on 17 February and was caught on the same day. 

Why Is Detained Brittney Griner Trending on Social Media?

Brittany has been on the news all over the media and the internet since her arrest occurred. People were constantly debating about her being right or wrong. At last, the ruling was gone against her, and her supporters were heartbroken.

Note: All information contained in the article is based on internet research. 

Final summary 

Based on internet research, we can say that Brittney is no doubt an exceptional player and person. But the court’s decision on her conviction is based on evidence that is proof enough for the verdict to be correct. 

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