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Why Jidion Did Get Banned” will help you understand why Jidion is banned from Twitch.

Do you want to know why JiDion is banned from Twitch? JiDion, a well-known YouTuber worldwide, claims Twitch is biased against men since it treats male and female content creators differently and implies that bans for male content creators are often more severe. 

The YouTuber has urged his followers to use the hashtag “Twitch Respond” to disseminate his message and force the live video streaming platform to respond. Twitch is a well-known website, and Jidion’s tweet about it quickly became viral. Read to know more about this incident, “Why Jidion Did Get Banned.”

Why is JiDion Banned from Twitch?

JiDion, a YouTuber who assaulted Pokimane in a hate-filled raid and was then permanently banned from Twitch, is now charging the streaming platform with discrimination for an unexpected cause. 

Even if JiDion could make peace with Pokimane, the content creator’s access to the website is still blocked. He gave a lesser-known steamer named Kimmikka a 7-day Twitch suspension for engaging in harmful behaviour while live streaming. Jidion’s involvement in a racist attack against Pokimane led to his ban in January. 

According to the YouTuber, his former site promoted hatred against men. Read “Why Did Jidion Get Banned From Twitch” to know more about the situation. JiDion accused Twitch of bias shortly after this incident went viral on Twitter. JiDion couldn’t understand why a significant offence like Kimmikkas deserved a lifetime ban, but he was given a 7 day ban only. 

He ended by saying, “Twitch is biased.” Jidion’s angry tweet acquired over 10.000 retweets and over 165000 likes quickly, drawing a lot of attention. The user then gave Twitch a Deadline by tagging Twitch support in a follow-up tweet to make sure they saw his comment.

Why Did Jidion Get Banned From Wimbledon?

JiDion recently attended the quarter-final match between Novak Djokovic and Jannik Sinner at Wimbledon 2022. Even though Djokovic ultimately prevailed after a thrilling comeback, JiDion was rooting for the Italian Jannik Sinner. The crowd cheered when the sinner scored a point, and the cameras focused on the YouTuber. 

A security guard saw jidion banging his chest before approaching him. JIDion claimed on a stream that despite being under a life-long ban, he still planned to attend Wimbledon. It’s unclear why JiDion was banned from Wimbledon, despite the streamer’s insistence that it had nothing to do with the air whistle he had attempted to bring to the match.

Final Thoughts on Why Jidion Did Get Banned

JiDion, a YouTuber who attacked Pokimane in a hate-filled raid and was then permanently banned from Twitch, is allegedly accusing the streaming service of prejudice for an unforeseen reason. 

To spread his message and push the live video streaming network to respond, the YouTuber has urged his followers to use the hashtag “Twitch Respond.” For information on Twitch, click here 

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