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The article will allow you to know information about the game and inform you of the Wordle Uk Version status.

Hi, “Wordle” users! Are you facing any problems regarding spelling?

As per our survey, in recent times, the users especially, British users, are getting some “American Spelling” while using “Wordle”.

It seems to be a big problem in the United Kingdom. Many experts think “Wordle” is a US-based company. So, it is natural that maximum spelling is inspired by American English. So to resolve the problem, the British want a “Wordle Uk Version“.

Let’s discuss what factors are involved in this matter.

What Do You Know about the “World” Game? 

As per our research, “Wordle” has become a trendy game in Australia and Canada in recent times. It is a “Word” game on the web.

The founder of the game is Josh Wardle”. The game’s rules are straightforward and easy. The gamer will get six chances to guess a five-letter word. When the player assumes the right guess, the tiles of the colour will indicate to the player is right or wrong. The gamers can attempt a similar word in a day.

What do you know about – the Wordle Uk Website

As per our expert’s view, we find some development about the game. It is noticed that the gamers have found a new “URL” for the game. 

The first URL was – “powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle”. But it is now changed into “nytimes.com/games/wordle”.  

If gamers log in to the “ Power Language” URL, it redirects them to the “Nytime.com” website. But the gamers also can check that the “Powerlanguage.co.uk” shows all information about its founder Josh Wardle.

Our survey says the “font” of the game is also changed. The menu takes the visitors to the other games of “New York Times” like – “The Crossword”, “Tiles” etc. 

What do you know about the Wordle Uk Version

Our research says, originally the founder of “Wordle”, Josh Wardle is a British citizen. Josh is a software engineer from “Wales”. Presently Wardle is living in New York City. 

At the registration time, Wardle registered this website game to the “UK” domain as – “powerlanguage.co.uk”. 

But the game is becoming popular in the United States. In recent times the famous “New York Times Company” has become one of the game’s publishers. Due to this reason, the earlier is changed to “nytimes.com/games/wordle.” 

As per the current situation, due to the change of the Wordle Uk WebsiteBritish users are facing some issues. 

The Problematic Issues

As per our survey with the British users, they find a change of spelling. The English users also notice the redirected website is using some US spelling.   

The British users have already notified the issue game authority. Due to these reasons, the news is trending. 


As per our observations, many British users now understand as “New York Times Company” is the new publisher of the game, the unique URL is using the non-British spelling. 

Some people are really concerned about the Wordle Uk Version. But the consequences don’t reduce the popularity of the “Wordle” game. As per our recent survey, millions of users play the game daily.  

However, it is better to check the link for more information on “Wordle”

Have you ever played Wordle? Please share your experience with us via comments.

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