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Please peruse this write-up to clear your queries about Wordle Uk Website Free and the recent occurrences about an online game involving English vocabulary.

Do you have a huge collection of words in your vocabulary? Do you like learning and applying newly learnt words in your day-to-day activities? If yes, you must be a fan of playing word games. Thus, please read this report to know the details about a game of words.

In today’s account, we have mentioned facts about a popular game. Residents of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia want to get the complete information. Thus, please read further to know about Wordle Uk Website Free.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a word game where users have to guess a five-letter word. The number of guesses is limited, so it is quite a brainstorming play. The gameplay is similar to Lingo, a US TV game show, and Jotto, an old paper game. 

The game is available online, so users can play it on their computer or smartphones. Wordle works in color logic for the gamers to predict the word correctly. The developers provide a new word is each day to maintain the game spirit and interest. However, recently, many users expressed the query about Wordle Uk Website Free and paying to play it.

Who is the Founder of Wordle?

The creator of this popular game is Josh Wardle, a software engineer. He was gripped to solving crossword puzzles and Spelling Bee games. Using his technical expertise, he developed Wordle as a personal pastime. 

Nonetheless, he soon realized the prospect of this game if released to the public. Thus, he introduced the online game in October 2021. Wordle quickly grew popular among people of all ages. Many developers also developed spin-off versions of this game. 

Due to the recent transfer in the game’s ownership, gamers are doubtful regarding Wordle Uk Website Free. Therefore, we have cleared all your queries in this article.

The Latest News and Query About Wordle

In January 2022, The New York Times Company bought this game from Josh Wardle. The deal was a lumpsum figure of seven digits that the media withheld to disclose. The newspaper organization announced that the game would initially be free to play. 

This created doubts and apprehension worldwide. As a monetary transaction involved, people assumed that Wordle would soon be a paid game. However, we have revealed the verity in the following section. Also, users find that the game is being redirected to The NY Times’ webpage, increasing their query. 

Is Wordle Uk Website Free?

The programming of Wordle works on browser-run methodologies. Therefore, one can easily save the webpage and open it offline. This implies that Wordle shall always remain free of charges. Aaron Rieke, a professional in the technology industry, explained this on his social media page. He mentioned that users can save a copy of the day’s Wordle game and play it without an Internet connection. 


Although The New York Times has purchased the game, it should not make the game a paid one. Our research shows that users can avail themselves of the Wordle Uk Website Free of cost. You can also go through Aaron Rieke’s Twitter thread to view the explanation. 

What are your opinions on this matter? Please share below.

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