7 Steps How You Can Write a Winning CV That Stands Out

7 Steps How You Can Write a Winning CV That Stands Out

During a job search, your CV plays a critical role. CVs that stand out from piles of applications often catch the attention of employers and help you in getting the much-awaited interview call. You need to understand the main components of a CV that make it unique. The design may play a role, but the content you include is what matters most. 

You could be among hundreds of applicants with the same qualifications. The way you craft your wording can make an entire difference, and you land yourself an interview or job. You may want to research to know what the best CV should include. You can get a job-winning CV by getting help from experienced resume writers. 

Know your target organizations

Professional resume writers write winning resumes because they understand what every employer is looking for. This should be your starting point before you design your resume. Research online for the popular requirements by employers in your target career field. It could be they look for the best soft skills or specific academic qualifications. Know the work culture they embrace most and the dynamics of such organizations. This way, you will write a resume that captures the exact details they are looking for. 

Start with your strongest accomplishments

Employers receive hundreds of job applications all the time. Due to their busy schedules, they don’t have much time to sit and read every resume brought to their desk. They skim through, trying to identify the resume with the qualifications they are looking for. Due to this, make sure you start with your strongest skills or accomplishments. If the employers notice you have what they are looking for, they will spend time reading the rest of your resume. 

Sell yourself – but do not sound desperate

Your resume is like a marketing tool that sells you to your target organizations. When you think of it as a marketing tool, you will focus all your energies on making it presentable. The job market is highly competitive, just like the business world. The smartest marketers make it where many others struggle. 

Your selling point is your skills, academic qualifications, work experience, and special success stories. Craft them in a way that your target company will not resist paying attention to your resume. If you need help from professionals, you can order a winning CV from the best cv writing service in UK.

Define each section clearly

Employers will look for their points of interest when skimming through your CV. They don’t have time to read each point in your CV to get what they are looking for. If information is not clear, they will keep your resume aside and pick another one. This way, you will have lost an important chance. Create headings and subheadings in your CV to guide the reader. Bold the headings and possibly use a different color to make it stand out. 

Make it short

You could be having a long list of experience, academic qualifications, certificates, and credentials. They are all important, but they can be distracting to the reader. What they are looking for are the main points. If they want deeper details, they can call you or write an email asking you to clarify them. 

Summarize every detail to make your CV short and to the point. When you make it too detailed, your resume will be more than five pages which might deny you a good job opportunity. The standard length of a good resume should not exceed two pages. 

Keep in mind the gold resume formatting rules

There are golden rules that you must follow when formatting your CV. Your priority should be to make it as grammatically correct as possible. Edit it to correct errors and use a writing tool to check grammar. Avoid fancy fonts that will make you look unprofessional. 

The best fonts for resumes are Arial, Times New Roman, and Calibri. Use a consistent layout that will make your CV likable or attractive. Photos may not add value to your resume, and it is best you avoid them. Avoid mixing too many fonts that will make your resume look untidy. 

Include a cover letter and keywords

Some organizations may ask you not to include a cover letter, while others will ask for it. Unless you are asked not to, always ensure you include a cover letter in your CV. It communicates details that were not captured in the resume. Use the same fonts you used in your CV and use a tone that conveys enthusiasm. 

Give elaborate details of your accomplishments in your cover letter to attract an interview. Keywords help employers to find your resume easily during an online search. Strategically place them so that employers will easily find you. 


Your resume is your secret to finding a good job fast. It is the document that sells you to your target employers and convinces them that you are a good choice. Since first impressions matter, your CV should be crafted in a way that impresses employers. Make sure it captures the important details first and let it be brief and to the point. Before uploading your resume, include a cover letter that provides further details about yourself. 

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